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16 May Projectors and the Heat.

With it getting to be really hot out, it's important to power off the projectors if they aren't being used (you're outside at recess, on lunch, out of the room, etc). The biggest cause for projectors to die is overheating. Overheating makes up 3 out of...

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16 May Lip Dub!

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the High School Lip Dub video. Everyone who had a hand in making this all worked hard and the result is amazing! [su_youtube_advanced url="" width="420" rel="no"] [embed][/embed] [/su_youtube_advanced]...

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13 Mar Ticket System Is Down This Morning

Good morning staff,   The ticket system is down currently. Tony is working to get it back up and going, but he said that it's going to take some time to do so. If something urgent comes up, please call the Tech Department. For classroom support, please email

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