Author: Jennifer Bradley

09 Jul 2018-2019 Teacher letters and Supply Lists

EI Hoogenstyn Eyestone My Favorite Things DK Schelhaas/Putnam  - Countdown to School Kindergarten Bowen Peterson Warmuskerken Kindergarten Supply List 1st Grade Blank Knoop Mason 2nd Grade Mouthaan Postma Wolfe Parent Letter / Student Letter Summer Fun 3rd Grade TBD Potgeter Wilcox 4th Grade Burton - All About Me Flynn - Here's the Scoop  Howe - Here's the Scoop   ...

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25 May Field Day June 1st

Friday June 1st is our Field Day. 1st through 4th grade events will occur in the gym area, at the front of the school, and outside toward Central Office. 3rd and 4th grade events will run from 8:30 to 10:50. 1st and 2nd grade events...

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