Northview East Campus High School

LegoMania spelled in multicolored bubble letters

19 Jan Lego®Mania Feb 24th

Check out the attached flyer from the Northview Boosters about Lego®Mania on February 24th from 5:00-8:00 p.m. at the Northview High School Cafeteria.  Contests and activities include Lego® Speed Building Competition, Lego® Creation Competition, Free Lego® Exhibition, a Teacher/Staff Challenge, and concessions, raffles, and more. Come...

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14 Dec Water Safety @ Northview

December 14, 2017 Good Afternoon, As the media continues to report on groundwater contamination in Plainfield Township, Northview continues to receive questions about the water in Northview schools.  Understandably,  it is a concern for all of us.  It is important for the Northview school community to...

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13 Dec Michigan Parent Dashboard Arrives

January 12, 2018 INTRODUCTION OF STATE OF MICHIGAN PARENT DASHBOARD On January 9, 2018, the Michigan Department of Education announced the unveiling of the Parent Dashboard for School Transparency. What is it?  It is an easy online tool developed with significant parent feedback on its planning, content and...

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