North Oakview

17 Oct Water Safety/Quality @ Northview

Safety at Northview Safety is always a top priority at Northview Public Schools.  Recent media reports have  detailed ground water contamination in Plainfield Township.  Northview Public Schools is located in Plainfield Township. In response to those investigations, we contacted Plainfield Township regarding the water supply to our...

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The North Oakview PTC is working to create a Student Directory for 2017-18. Your family's participation in this directory is strictly voluntary. If you choose to have your child's information published, please follow this link and fill in the information. Only the information you enter...

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05 Oct Watch DOGS sign up

PLEASE SIGN UP FOR WATCH D.O.G.S. 1. Click here: 2. Enter your email address 3. Choose your dates (5 dates maximum for now) will send you a confirmation and reminders. 4. Make sure you have completed our on-line 17-18 Volunteer Consent Form 5. If you don't have a Watch DOG t-shirt,...

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