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16 May Lip Dub!

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the High School Lip Dub video. Everyone who had a hand in making this all worked hard and the result is amazing! [su_youtube_advanced url="" width="420" rel="no"] [embed][/embed] [/su_youtube_advanced]...

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12 Aug Student VUE Activation

Welcome to Northview’s new student communication portal StudentVUE. We hope you will use this web access to your school records to help with your overall education at Northview Public Schools. Use the information found below to login to StudentVUE for the first time. Steps to follow to create...

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12 Aug Personal Network Device Policy

Personal network devices may be used in Northview Public Schools in accordance with the following policy.  This policy is designed to protect the guest and the Northview Public Schools Network.  Network access is available through the guest wireless network.  This guest wireless network operates parallel to...

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