Tech Help

20 Jan Calibrating Mimio pens

Symptoms Mimio pens are not drawing lines where you mark.   Fix Calibrate the Mimio pens. 1. Press the Menu button on the remote, select Extended and press enter. 2.  Select Easy Interactive Function and press Enter. 3.  If your whiteboard is completely clear of magnets, paper or any other debris, select Auto Calibration.  Once the auto calibration is...

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19 Jan Activating Mimio

Symptoms Mimio Notebook prompts you for an activation code or a watermark appears on slides stating Mimio Notebook is not activated.   Fix Reactivate Mimio Notebook 1.  Click on the system icon tray (1) and then right click on the Mimio icon (2) and select settings (3) 2.  In the bottom left,...

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