Welcome to the YMCA childcare program at Northview!

 Northview Public Schools is excited to partner with the YMCA to provide expanded childcare offerings for our families.  Our new partnership with the YMCA enables us to host school-year before and after school programs directly in our schools (East Oakview, North Oakview, West Oakview).  Summer childcare is offered at the Wolverine YMCA in Belmont.


Abby Kennedy

Youth Director


Emma Bailey

Multi-site childcare Coordinator



This year our registration will be online. You will complete your registration for your child on our online portal. If you did not previously use this online registration site for our Summer Camp programs this year, you will need to create a log-in to get started as the online program is new!

Registration Step By Step:

Step 1: Go to Click on the “Programs” tab and select “All Programs” This will take you to a registration page

Step 2: Click on “Log-in”. In this step you will need to complete one of the 3 options.

1. Create your account if you have never been to the YMCA.

2. Create a password if you have been to the YMCA using your email on your existing account with the YMCA as your username.

3. log-in if you have already created and account for our Summer of 2018 programs.

Step 3: Once you are logged in, you will select “Before and After School” This will be one of the listed programs. The select the school/ site your child will be attending. Once you have selected the school, the registration options will appear. You will select the rate plan you want.

Step 4: The next page will provide you with some information on the program, then click register! The next page you will select all the weeks for the whole school year you wish to register your child. At the very bottom you will select the days your child will be attending. The days you select will be consistent for each week you are registering your child for. Then click “next” at the bottom.

Step 5: The next page will be a prompt you need to read regarding our payment guidelines and other important information you need to know. You will initial that you read them and click “I agree”.

Step 6: You will then set up your payment method for the draft that will be pulled each Monday for the week of care. Once you have completed this step, you will be all registered.

Step 7: You will now need to complete your child’s enrollment packet. This packet will include all your child’s medication information, emergency contact lists, and parent authorized pic-up list. You must complete this final step to be completely registered. If you completed this online packet for this summer’s Day Camp program, you do not need to complete this online packet again.