Fitness Center

Northviews Fitness Center has many treadmills on the second story over looking the first floor.


Gym – Fitness Classes – Pool – Indoor Track

The Northview Community Fitness and Aquatic Center is a convenient and affordable fitness facility for community members to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. Join us!

Information and Services

Fitness Center


8 AM – 3 PM

8 AM – 11 AM (Adult Lap)

12 PM – 3 PM (Open Swim)


12 PM – 3 PM

 12 PM – 3 PM (Open Swim)

5:30 AM – 7:30 AM

5 PM – 9 PM

5:30 AM – 7:30 AM (Adult Lap)

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM (Adult Lap)


5:30 AM – 7:30 AM

5 PM – 9 PM

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM (Adult Lap)

5:30 AM – 7:30 AM

5 PM – 9 PM

5:30 AM – 7:30 AM (Adult Lap)

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM (Adult Lap)


5:30 AM – 7:30 AM

5 PM – 9 PM

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM (Adult Lap)

5:30 AM – 7:30 AM

5 PM – 7 PM

5:30 AM – 7:30 AM (Adult Lap)

No Evening


Hours are subject to change without prior warning.

The Fitness Center is closed when there is a snow day issued for the Northview Public School District.

Membership to our northeast Grand Rapids fitness center includes unlimited use of strength / cardio equipment, indoor track, free lap swim and discounted classes. No required contract or sign up fees!

Annual / Monthly / Daily Indoor Track Only
Adults $340 / $35 / $8 $70/year. $8/month.

Northview Community


$180 / $20 / $5 $40/year. $5/month.
Senior Citizens (65+) $240 / $25 / $7 $60/year. $7/month.

Northview Community


$120 / $15 / $4  Free for 65+

Northview Students

7th-12th Grade**

Silver and Fit
FREE with qualifying insurance plans.

*Northview Community Discount on Membership includes district residents, alumni, or parent of a current Northview Student. Please bring proof of Northview connection.

** Non-Northview students 7th-12th Grade who desire a membership pay the adult non-resident pricing above.

Group Classes

Group Class Pricing: $8 per class or $60 for a 10 class package.

10 packs can be used on any Group Classes and expire 1 year from date of purchase.

Annual Member Discounted Class Rates:  $5 per class or $40 for a 10 class package.

Annual Membership must be current when purchasing and using the package.

Group Class Schedule

AM classes:
MON | WED | FRI – AM Bootcamp (5:15am)
Jarod and/or Jill will take you through a series of exercises to give you an all over strength and cardio workout.
WED | FRI – AM Water Aerobics (6:00am)
Crystal brings an energetic start to your mornings by using water as resistance to help strengthen your arms, legs, and core.

MON | TUE | WED | THURS – Bootcamp (4:00pm)
Jordan is ready to bring you a great workout everyday of the week! NO EXCUSES!! (Open to the public for class, facility still opens to membership at 5:00pm)

EVENING Classes:
MON – Water Aerobics (5:30pm)
Calm your muscles after a long day at work with Lisa’s low impact, resistance workouts.
MON – POP Pilates (6:30pm)
Poppin’ Fox Pilates-Tabitha Robbins helps you de-stress from your day with an active and fun Pilates workout.
TUE – Zumba (6:30pm)
Stephanie and Madison bring us a Latin style Zumba class that will get your core, hips and over all body moving and stronger!
WED – Yoga (6:30pm)
Elsie brings us a great basic yoga class to help you strengthen your core, arms, and legs in this calming meditative class.
THURS – Twisted Cardio (6:30pm) Routines are designed to combine a variety of cardio exercises from walk fitness, cardio drumming, dance fitness, weighted hula hooping and more. Never a chance to be bored when changing styles throughout the class.

REMEMBER! Stop at Fitness Desk to check in BEFORE you head to class!

Indoor Cycle Classes

NOTE: Cycle class are not considered “Group Fitness Classes” and have a separate pricing structure. 
$100 for 10 pack, $60 for 5 pack, $15 per class
Annual Member Discounted Class Rates: $80 for 10 pack, $45 for 5 pack, $10 per class.

Annual Membership must be current when purchasing and using the package.

Monday 6:00 pm – Regular Cycle Class (starts November 5th)
Brian will show you how to get the most power from your cycling workouts by improving your stoke technique and leg strength.

TUE 5:30 am – AM Cycle-Strength Class with Carl Marsh
Sept 25 start date
This workout will include a combination of cycling, weights, core exercises and stretch.

Wednesday 6:30 pm (starts November 7th)
Stephanie returns with her high energy workout that focus on strengthening your core and leg muscles to keep you in top shape during the winter months. You will return to your spring biking stronger and more fit to hit the roads or trails.

Our Personal Trainers start with a baseline evaluation to establish your individual or small group fitness plan. They then meet with you at your personally scheduled time to complete your workouts together. Adults and students (7th grade and up) interested in increasing their speed, agility, and overall fitness are welcome to participate in this program.

Personal Training Rates

OUR AFFORDABLE RATES are a great way to get personal attention to your workouts

1 on 1: Land || Single Appointment $35 || 10 Sessions $320

1 on 1: Pool  || Single Appointment $43 || 10 Sessions $400

Small Group (2-4): Land || Single Appointment $30 || 10 Sessions $270

Small Group (2-3): Pool || Single Appointment $38 || 10 Sessions $350

Member/Student Discounted Rates

1 on 1: Land || Single Appointment $32 || 10 Sessions $290

1 on 1: Pool  || Single Appointment $40 || 10 Sessions $370

Small Group (2-4) : Land || Single Appointment $27|| 10 Sessions $240

Small Group (2-3) : Land || Single Appointment $35 || 10 Sessions $320

LAND and POOL 10-session packages include a baseline evaluation at your first meeting, 8 individualized 55-minute workout sessions, and post testing at your last session.  The below FREE Options are available with a package purchase.

POOL: Underwater, high definition, video for stroke analysis.

LAND: At-home workout sessions

Meet Our Trainers

All trainers are passionate about helping clients reach their personal goals. They will motivate and instruct you to be the best you can be.

Frank Rapin ( – NCST swim coach and certified Fitness coach is available for both land and swim training. Currently teaches our 5:45am Thursday strength training if you’d like to meet him prior to scheduling with him.

Julie Steffen ( – Certified fitness trainer, National Personal Training Institute, coach and fitness instructor.

Kelsey Wilterink ( – 3-year Northview personal trainer and certified instructor in swim, as well as fitness and water aerobics. Degree in Clinical Exercise Science from GVSU. Available for both pool and land workouts, perfect for those training for a Triathlon.

Kilian Lancaster (– Northview alumnus, certified personal trainer with concentration in holistic heath practices, coach and fitness instructor.


Morning: MWF 5:30-7:30 am | SA 8:00-11:00 am

Lunch swim: TTH 12:00-1:30 pm June 12-28 (trial basis)

Evening:  MTWTH 5:30-8:00 pm June 12 – August 8

(NO evening lap swim June 14, 21 & July 12 because of swim meets)

$5.00 per Northview resident | $8 per non resident | FC Members free

Stop and pay by cash or check at the Fitness Center desk upon arrival.

The Northview Fitness Center Includes:

A three lane indoor track

A pool for lap swimming

Cardio Equipment

Resistance Training Machines

Strength Training Machines

A variety of fitness classes open to members and non-members.



Staffed and Managed by Northview Public Schools

(616) – 365 – 6140

4451 Hunsberger Avenue NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Entry at the south door on the front side of the High School Building.

Parking available at the Administration Building or in the High School Bus Loop.

An aerial photo marking the fitness center entrance and parking.

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