Youth Athletics



Northview Public Schools offers a variety of Youth Athletic Programs for student-athletes through it’s Community Education Department. These programs aspire to be outstanding educational tools that provide a high-quality community experience to every student-athlete.

Northview Youth Athletics strive to include the following criteria in its programs:

-Coaches that are grounded in positive coaching principles.
-Practices and games that are fun and enjoyable for student-athletes, parents, coaches, and officials.
-Players who feel a sense of “team” regardless of their performance or skill.
-Players who learn “life lessons” that have value beyond the playing field.
-Players who learn basic skills, tactics and strategies, of the sport and improve individually.

We recognize that coaches are the mentors who most directly affect its criteria. Our goal is to provide every coach with tools to succeed as positive role models by supporting them with resources and learning experiences to pass along to their players.

We are committed to creating a positive culture by having directors, coaches, parents, fans, officials, and student-athletes from Youth to High School, working as a “TEAM” to achieve our mission.

Our Community Youth Athletic Programs are each organized by a coordinator who is a volunteer for Northview Community Education.  Youth Athletic Coordinators are responsible for organizing the coaches, teams, and leagues for the program they oversee.  Leagues are formed either “in-house”, with other area schools, or with outside leagues, depending on the sport program and the number of interested participants.  Each program will have 5-7 competitions, and one or two 60 minute practices per week, beginning a week or two prior to the first scheduled competition.


Coaches will contact participants via the email they provided on their registration form, when the practice dates are known. Requests for certain practice days and/or coaches will be considered but cannot be promised.  More info about Youth Athletic Programming can be found under the other headings of this page.


Program Fees are listed below.  There are no refunds unless the sport is cancelled for lack of participation.


If games are cancelled by the Community Education Department for any reason, every effort will be made to reschedule the game but it cannot be guaranteed.  Cancelled practices will not be made up.

Little Cat Athletes

Basic skills development. Everybody plays.


Annual uniform costs are not included in the above fee and differ from sport to sport. See the Uniforms section for more information.

Additional costs may apply for specific individual equipment needed for the sport your child is playing. The coordinator of that sport program will let parents know if this is the case. Please email the program coordinator if you would like to know before registering your child if there are added costs for specialized player equipment.

Please register your child for each program they wish to participate in, paying special attention to the registration deadlines for each sport noted at the bottom of this page.


Online registration coming soon! In the meantime please fill out the form above and deliver with payment to:




Late Registration

We cannot take late registrations because team formation is determined by the number of participants who have registered prior to the deadline. There are sometimes situations where a player can easily be added to a team roster without it effecting the team formation so please email the Community Education office with a “late add” request if you wish to be considered for this. A late fee of $10 will apply if the child is placed on a team.



We do not offer refunds after the registration deadline because teams are formed according to the number of registrations received.

If the program is cancelled for any reason a full refund will be issued to those who have registered.

Uniforms must be ordered by each individual player and can be delivered directly to the player for a fee, or to the Community Education office for free.    The Community Ed office will notify the player via the email noted on the order form when their uniform is delivered to their office.  Prompt pick up during office hours of 7:30am and 3:30pm is appreciated and CE cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.  Order 4-6 weeks prior to your estimated first competition to ensure your child has their uniform by the first competition.


It is our goal to assure that uniform styles have a lifespan of 2-4 years whenever possible, in order to keep costs down for our families.  Please remember that your child will grow from year to year and that uniforms may become too small for their comfort.


Uniform numbers will not be used for identification purposes in our Rec (Little Cat) programs. Your child may choose any number they wish for their uniform but may have the same number as a team mate.

The addition of player’s last names on the jersey is optional on all uniform styles for an added fee.

We need you! Coaching and volunteering is a great way to meet other parents and families while supporting young athletes and giving back to the sporting community. The only requirement is a positive attitude and the willingness to follow basic coaching guidelines or volunteer directives.


Two things to do in order to Coach/Volunteer with a Community Education program:

1. Please fill out our Online Volunteer Form to complete your background check. (Once per year for any district volunteering.)

2. Contact the Athletics Program Coordinator (found in the Little Cat Athletics section) with your intent to Coach/Volunteer.

Coaches Resources

Thank you for your interest in being an Official for one of our sport programs.

Officials are paid rates determined by each sport’s coordinator and league. Please email the sport’s coordinator if you would like more information.

To Officiate in our Community Education program:

1. Complete and sign this W9 form and mail or email the form and your contact info to Jennifer Higdon-Bovo (

2. Contact the Athletics Program Coordinator (found in the Little Cat Athletics section) with your intent to officiate.

3. If you are over 18 you must also fill out our Online Volunteer Form to complete your background check.

Once the above is complete, your name will then be added to our vendor list for potential payment. If earnings in one year exceed $599 a 1099 tax form will be issued from the District by January 31 of the following year for your tax filing purposes.


The Little Cat Athletics Program is part of the Northview Community Education basic programming which is offered at minimal cost to all community members of all skill levels. We work to maintain a fun and non-competitive atmosphere where young athletes can learn and practice basics skills as well as interact with other children in and around the community.  This program is based on basic skill development and  everyone plays.

Boys Basketball

Uniform Order

Winter Season

Our boys youth basketball program is one of our largest Community Youth programs, offering a well run in-house league for boys K-6th grade.  Players will be introduced to the game and enjoy learning and practicing the fundamentals of basketball, while having fun competing with and against their schoolmates and community friends.



Matt Rittenhouse

Girls Basketball



Uniform Order

Winter Season

This program offers young female athletes the opportunity to be introduced to the game of basketball and develop a passion for the sport.  We promote teamwork and leadership, and we hope to develop skills to not only help the young athletes on the court but in life as well.  Girls are divided into teams and in-house leagues according to grade, with 1st and 2nd together and 3rd and 4th together. 5th grade and 6th grade will have their own separate teams and leagues when possible.



Josh Slagter

Fall Season

Cheerleaders practice and learn cheers during their weeknight practices to present at the Youth Football games on Saturdays in the fall. Girls 1st-6th grade are invited to register for this fun program to introduce them to the sport of cheer.



We are currently taking requests for those who wish to be considered for the cheer program coordinator role.  Please contact the Community Education office via email with your request.

Spring Season

Soccer has one of the largest youth sport participation rates in the country and Northview Community Education offers a fantastic and fun beginner-to-intermediate soccer program for our young athletes to experience the sport. Players will learn the basics of soccer from volunteer coaches and practice their skills in a non-competitive in-house league, or a travel league at the older age groups. Co-ed teams are formed with “Birth year” age groups to align with US Soccer directives ranging from 5 years old (by the first competition date) up through 8th grade.

Spring Season

Track is an awesome way for kids to stay active, cheer on classmates and teammates, and learn about the sport of track and field. Grade level co-ed teams are formed from DK-6th grade and teams compete against each other in their own age groups in weekly meets made up of field events and short running races.





Jessica Nunley

Uniform Order

Fall Season 

Flag (1st&2nd) and Tackle (3rd-6th) Football are offered to our young athletes to introduce them to the fundamentals of football and give them a safe place to learn and practice these skills. Practices begin in late August with games starting on Saturdays after Labor Day.



Brad Rittenhouse

(616) 822-1759

Uniform Order

Fall Season

Northview Youth Volleyball (NYV) is a community program for students in grades 3rd – 6th that offers a supportive, yet competitive environment to ensure the advancement of every player’s individual skills.

NYV focuses on the personal and athletic development of the student-athlete, and creates a safe, positive and effective learning atmosphere in which players strive to achieve individual excellence in a team dynamic.

Our season runs from the beginning of September until November. Teams participate in practices during the weekdays and games on Saturdays. Third and fourth graders practice one time a week and play games against each other. Fifth and sixth grade practice two times a week and play games against other school districts in the area. They end their season with a double elimination tournament. Skills clinics are hosted by the Northview High School volleyball program during the first week of school to highlight outstanding role models. Summer volleyball camps are held in June.

For information, please contact Kelsey VanZanten.


Kelsey VanZanten

(616) 826 – 0154

Spring Season

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and our Northview teams continue to grow in size as well. We offer this fun beginner to intermediate Lacrosse program for young athletes to learn the basics of the sport and practice their skills in a semi-competitive travel league. Gender specific 5th/6th and 7th/8th grade teams will be formed to play in separate girls and boys leagues.  Extra coaching costs and uniform/equipment costs may apply to this sport offering.


Boys Coordinator

David Bradley 


Girls Coordinator

Seeking new Director

Spring Season

7th & 8th Grade – This program works closely with the High School softball coach to align with the HS program by forming teams which will play games against other schools in and around our community.



Drew Sandoval

Fall Sports

Registration deadline: August 1st

Competitions in September and October.





Winter 1 Sports

Registration deadline: October 1st

Competitions in November and December.

Boys Basketball

Winter 2 Sports

Registration deadline: December 1st

Competitions in January and February.

Girls Basketball

Spring Sports

Track – Soccer – Lacrosse – Softball

Registration deadline: February 10, 2020

Competitions in April and May.




Coordinator of Community Education

JoAnne VanSlooten

(616) 361-3444

Community Education Admin Assistant

Jennifer Higdon-Bovo

(616) 361-3444

Coordinator of Youth Sports

Pat Marsman

(616) 365-6100