Counseling Notes

counselorWelcome to the Crossroads Counseling Office.  Counseling is a service provided to all students.  The counselor has many roles including:

♦ one-on-one personal counseling
♦ facilitating groups
♦ supporting the teaching staff
♦ helping students identify Career Pathways
♦ offering guidance with course selections
♦ discussing future vocational and educational plans
♦ creating plans to help students achieve academic goals
♦ communicating with parents when necessary
Our basic goal is to support each and every student in the best way we can. We encourage you to communicate with the counselor any time by email – or phone (616) 361-3453.  A student must have a planner signed by the teacher if he/she is out of class seeing the counselor.


     Becky Turner, Counselor
     Parker Penney, School Psychologist
     Lindsay Haveman, Social Worker


medsMEDS:  We’d like to remind parents any student who is going to take medication in the Guidance Office whether it be prescription or over the counter, is required to fill out a medication permission form. We can not dispense medication to the student unless the Medical Form has been completed.


7th Grade (PDF)
8th Grade (PDF)

More Information

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