Crossroads Cell Phone Policy for 2019-2020

06 Jul Crossroads Cell Phone Policy for 2019-2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please be aware of a new policy in regards to cell phones and other electronic devices that will be implemented at Northview Crossroads Middle School for the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

Many of the students who attend Northview Crossroads Middle School have a cellular device. We recognize the important role these devices play in our society in terms of communication, access to digital media, and entertainment. In the past, we have tried to strike a balance between accessibility, accountability, and responsibility. We can no longer ignore the research on the negative impact of cell phone use by middle school-aged children.

Prior to this year, we have allowed teachers to implement individual classroom cellphone policies. This strategy has been mildly successful. It has become difficult for many students to navigate the different policies for each classroom. After much discussion this past school year, with both students and teachers, we have made the decision to put a school-wide policy in place.

We are asking that you please review the attached policy with your son/daughter over the summer. We will have more discussion with our students at fall orientation. In the meantime we hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer.