Spring 2019 CR Rowing

25 Mar Spring 2019 CR Rowing

When: Monday, April 8 through Thursday, May 16th
Days: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Time: 5:45 PM to 7:30 PM
Cost: $100 per rower (try first 2 practices for free)
Location: Jupiter Boathouse, 5501 Jupiter Avenue
(Access is from West River Drive)

Join Wildcat Middle School Rowing and learn to row with your friends in fast, sleek 60 ft. long, eight-oared shells. Middle school rowing is non-competitive. The program’s focus is on learning new skills in a positive environment that includes having a little fun. Athletes are taught the basics of the rowing stroke along with boat handling, terminology, and care of the equipment. In addition to sweep rowing (one oar per person) in the big eights, rowers will experience sculling (two oars per person) in quads and doubles. The fitness training will include lessons in exercise and diet that are valuable for all athletes, whatever the sport. At the high school level rowing is a varsity sport and Northview competes against Michigan teams and teams from across the Midwest and from Ontario.

For more information contact:
Coach Anderson at rowingrick@gmail.com or 616-581-5920
Kristy Templar at ktemplar@nvps.net (Crossroads contact person)