Enhancement Millage Resources in Action in our Schools

28 Feb Enhancement Millage Resources in Action in our Schools

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Enhancement Millage Uses Match Parent Priorities in Education

Grand Rapids, MI –   Expanded opportunities for students to prepare for college and careers, reduced class sizes, more engaging instructional methods and additional support for students struggling in math and reading are among the leading ways the 20 districts served by Kent ISD are deploying new resources from the Strong Schools, Strong Communities millage.

Voters in May, 2017 approved the Strong Schools, Strong Communities enhancement millage which provided approximately $20 million in additional resources for schools in the 2017-18 school year, and collections will continue for 10 years.  Schools are using those resources to create new career exploration and preparation opportunities for students, expand science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) programming, and to maintain and reduce class size.

You can learn how your district is supporting improved student achievement and creating new opportunities for students through these new millage revenues by clicking on your district name at this link.

“Students will receive more math and reading assistance, additional guidance counseling and be better prepared for careers and college through these resources,” Kent ISD Superintendent Ron Caniff said.  “All of our districts are extremely grateful our community voted to provide greater support for our students.”

A recent report by the School Finance Research Collaborative found students need fare more resources than allocated by the state today to meet Michigan’s rigorous educational standards.  While the additional $211 per pupil generated by the millage falls far short of the $9,590 per pupil the comprehensive study said is necessary to adequately prepare students, it is a huge boost for Kent school districts, Caniff said.

In addition to providing desperately needed resources for students, the districts also are deploying those funds in a way that matches recent research released by Your Child, a statewide organization of business, education and philanthropic leaders working to better understand and fulfill student needs and parent expectations of Michigan schools.

A Your Child survey of parents released in early February found parents want more, and better prepared teachers in Michigan classrooms, more individual attention for their child, and more engaging instructional practices in the classroom.  Kent districts are using their additional resources to provide greater student social and emotional support, additional career and college counseling, more advanced placement and career training for students, mirroring in many ways the priorities expressed by Michigan’s parents in the Your Child survey.  


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