Michigan Parent Dashboard Arrives

13 Dec Michigan Parent Dashboard Arrives

January 12, 2018


On January 9, 2018, the Michigan Department of Education announced the unveiling of the Parent Dashboard for School Transparency.

What is it?  It is an easy online tool developed with significant parent feedback on its planning, content and design.

What does it do?   The Dashboard makes a variety of data available to parents and caregivers who wish to check the performance of a child’s school and allows comparison with other public and charter schools using nearly 20 separate measures which parents have requested.  The format allows a deeper look into various groupings of students by gender, race, subject and services to students.  Data is presented in a rolling three-year time frame and will be a living document.  Graphic comparisons are offered for each school building, similar demographic group or geographic area, and statewide average.

How did it come about?  The Parent Dashboard is a component of the State of Michigan Strategic Plan to make Michigan a Top 10 Education State in 10 Years and is offered to encourage and promote meaningful, authentic engagement with parents and families.

Northview Public Schools and I invite you to check out the variety of information available here: www.MISchoolData.org/ParentDashboard

To the Continued Success of our Students,

Scott Korpak, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Northview Public Schools