Art Residency at WMCAT

East Campus students standing in front of the front desk at WMCAT. From left to right: Elizabeth Grandon, Madelyn Fankhauser, Trinitee Whitaker, Nichole Ottenjan, Erin Saunders, Jacob Gentz, Alijah Scutt, Jenna Kirkpatrick, and Priscilla Provensano. Students are standing at different distances from the camera creating depth in the picture. The WMCAT logo is above the front desk on a white wall of rectangles and vertical lights from top to bottom. The WMCAT logo is a W made from two purple and blue upside down triangles, the M is made of two teal and gray sideways triangles, the C is made of a circle with part cut out to make a C Green and gray in color, and the T is made of three rectangles (a large fat vertical rectangle with two small pink rectangles on each side at the top to make a T. There are stools and tables on each side of the front desk. On each side of the Logo wall are windows overlooking the downtown area. Students are dressed casually in longs sleeve tops, hoodies, and coats as well as jeans and black or gray pants.

03 Dec Art Residency at WMCAT

A group of 12 students from East Campus just finished their first quarter enrichment of arts residency with West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology (WMCAT).  Because of a generous grant given by the Michigan Counsel for Arts and Cultural Affairs and some private donors, East Campus was able to offer an Art Residency with WMCAT that exposes students to up to at least three different disciplines of art including video production, photography, and one other yet to be decided discipline.

During the first quarter, students were able to work alongside Mike Saunders who is an award winning film maker from West Michigan.  Students were able to see firsthand what goes into making a film and worked on a production of their own.  Mike’s passion for film making and teen artists created a great atmosphere for learning and exposed students to yet another possible career path after high school.

The Art Residency was born out of a desire to build an art program at East Campus that would not only allow students to learn about art but also experience it as well.  This program in conjunction with some additional East Campus requirements will allow students to earn art credit and see art as another career opportunity.  This program has allowed East Campus to not only create a well-rounded art program, but also show students that the Arts offers some amazing carrier opportunities for our Future Focus Fridays initiative.

East Campus would also like to offer a huge thanks to the Northview Education Foundation for completely covering the cost of all the art supplies needed for the art residency.  Students have been given an amazing opportunity to produce some incredible pieces at a state of the art facility in WMCAT.  The students hope to show off some of their work of art in the Spring Art Expedition at the high school on May 6th.