Student of the Quarter

10 Dec Student of the Quarter

This year East Campus is recognizing students who were able to put together sustained effort over the last 9 weeks as our Students of the Quarter.  East Campus is recognizing these students as exemplary citizens of our culture.  We are proud of their accomplishments both in their academics and in their ability to be social leaders.  These students were recognized by their teachers and also taken out to breakfast by our Dean of Students, Drew Klopcic.  Thank you each for your hard work and your willingness to learn.

Ms. Peck would like to recognize Madelyn Fankhauser:

Madelyn Fankhauser pictured as Student of the Quarter wearing a maroon flecked hoodie zip up sweatshirt, half unzipped, over a dark green T-shirt with tan screen printing on it.  Madelyn has long brown straight hair past the middle of her back.  She also has a pleasant look on her face and is slightly smirking.

I would like to nominate Madelyn Fankhauser as an outstanding student first quarter. She worked hard in classes, turned in exemplary work, and was respectful and kind to students and staff. She is a great addition to our school!

Ms. Peck