Student of the Quarter

12 Feb Student of the Quarter

This year East Campus is recognizing students who were able to put together sustained effort over the last 9 weeks as our Students of the Quarter.  East Campus is recognizing these students as exemplary citizens of our culture.  We are proud of their accomplishments both in their academics and in their ability to be social leaders.  These students were recognized by their teachers and also taken out to breakfast by our Dean of Students, Drew Klopcic.  Thank you each for your hard work and your willingness to learn.

Mr. Retherford would like to recognize Clare Eickhoff:

Clair Eickhoff pictured as student of the month standing in front of a white brick wall with hands folded in front of her.  She is wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with Large white script: E226 H/30.  Clare is sporting majestic purple hear at a shoulder length with a pleasant look on her face.

Clare has come to East Campus to finish her high school pursuit. She has needed primarily online classes with a few math classes thrown in. In the first semester, Clare has doggedly completed all her online classes and is now working every night to finish her math classes in order to finish by the end of the third marking period.


– Mr. Retherford