Student of the Week 12/11 – 12/15

Picture of Nate Crawford wearing a black hoodie and smiling with a white background as Student of the Week for 12/11 - 12/15

11 Dec Student of the Week 12/11 – 12/15

To help celebrate the great students we have at East Campus, this year we will be selecting a Student of the Week.  This student will be recognized by our Coordinator of Student Services, Drew Klopcic.  Their picture will be hung in the main hallway for everyone to see, and each Student of the Week will be given a small prize to recognize their efforts to make East Campus a great place.

This week’s Student of the Week is Nate Crawford:

Nate’s positive attitude and commitment to positive life changes has empowered him to become a successful student both here at East Campus and at KCTC.
He is a friendly person and always has a smile to share. We are proud to have him as one of our students at East Campus.