Diatribe Workshop @ EC

Picture of Diatribe Group standing in the computer lab in two rows, the back row sitting on some shelving. From left to right: Rachael Gleason (Diatribe leader, wearing black jeans with a black and white plaid shirt with short hair and smiling), Megan Snyder (wearing all black with a Detroit Red Wings beanie while smirking), Quintene George (wearing blue jeans, gray zip-up fleece and blue beanie also wearing glasses and a straight face), Josh Jones (wearing blue jeans with holes, black hoodie sweatshirt with medium length curly hair while smirking), Fable the Poet (sitting on a shelving unit with hands raised above his head, smiling and wearing glasses, a long sleeve T-shirt with sleeves pushed up, and overalls), Tyevon Williams (wearing dark blue jeans, a black and white camouflage hoodie sweatshirt and smiling with short dark hair), Priscilla Provensano (wearing all black with a sequence shirt with long brown hair in a ponytail while smirking and sitting on the shelving unit), Jazmine Aguado (wearing dark blue jeans a gray hoodie sweatshirt with pink lettering with long dark hair while smiling), and Jean Peck (English Teacher: leaning to her right on to the shelving unit and smiling wearing gray pants and a red long sleeve shirt, and a badge hanging from a lanyard)

24 Apr Diatribe Workshop @ EC

In February and March, students in both the day and evening programs at East Campus had an opportunity to create and perform their own spoken poetry.  Their teachers/ mentors were Marcel Price, known as Fable, and Rachel Gleason, two members of The Diatribe, a group of artists and performers who also teach young people in area schools and summer workshops.

During their time with The Diatribe,  students engaged in the real-life work of poets, artists, and performers. They expressed their thoughts, emotions, and experiences in conversations and in their writing.  Performance day was amazing as the entire student body and Northview staff members listened to the poems the students wrote.

Quintene George, a student participant, wrote a bittersweet poem about art that might be abstract and difficult to understand but still needs to be valued and appreciated as it is the work of an artist, a human being.  He said of the experience, “I thought poetry was something I couldn’t do before, but it was easier than I realized to get my ideas on paper.”

Another student, Andimarie Baker, wrote a powerful piece about Time, with all its opportunities and obstacles. She appreciated The Diatribe experience as well, stating, “It was different, really good.  Rachel and Fable were very skilled at helping students express their thoughts in poetry.”

We wish to thank the NEF for funding this educational experience, as well as to Kathy Vogel, who teaches at Crossroads and at East Campus (night school English), for writing the grant for us, The Diatribe has been working with the students at Crossroads for three years.