Ugly Sweater Day

Seven Young adults wearing ugly sweaters with a snow falling in the background, from left to right: white male with long hair (wearing long santa hat and sweater with presents and a multiple patterns), white female with long hair (wearing Rudolph hat and Red button up sweater with decorated holiday cookies on it), black male with goatee (wearing a santa hat, cardigan with Christmas ornaments and and snowflakes with a holly shirt underneath), white male with santa beard (wearing sweater with a Santa sleigh scene on it), white female with short hair (wearing a green sweater with a teddy bear holding a present and stocking a candy canes on it), white female with shoulder length hair (wearing a red sweater with a teddy bear dressed in a green cardigan), and a white male with santa hat and sunglasses (wearing a black sweater with a snowscape on it with red buildings and decorated Christmas tree).

11 Dec Ugly Sweater Day

Help East Campus celebrate Ugly Sweater Day (traditionally observed on the 3rd Friday in December).  This Friday, come to school with an outrageously ugly sweater with a holiday theme or create your own sweater that would help create a festive atmosphere.  Have some fun with it!