Classroom Academics

What is applied technology? (PDF)

Phil Klein –

Intro to Engineering & Architecture

Engineering Draft 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Wood Tech 1 (PDF)

Electronics 1

Intro to Tech

 Tricia Erickson – – website

Advanced Art- Syllabus (PDF)

Digital Photography – Syllabus (PDF)

Drawing – Syllabus

Tanya Lockwood – – website

Advanced Art (PDF)

Art Cultures

Drawing (PDF)

Fashion Design

Painting (PDF)


3D Ceramics (PDF)

Interior Design (PDF)

Intro to Art (PDF)

Kendall College of Art & Design Dual Enrollment

Kendall DE classes are offered to highly motivated art students interested in receiving college credit as Juniors or Seniors.  These courses include:



2D Design

3D Design

One class is offered each semester and each course is worth 3 college credits.  If a student takes one course each semester for both their junior and senior years, they have the potential of receiving 12 college credits before they graduate high school.  These are very rigorous two and a half hour classes that take place after the normal school day twice a week for 15 weeks of the semester.

Michelle Hamersma –

French 1

French 2

Carl Marsh –– website

Spanish 2 (PDF)

Spanish 4 (PDF)

Deb Rodegher – – website

Spanish 1

Megan Martin –

Spanish 1

Keisha Thomas –

American Sign Language 1 (PDF)

American Sign Language 2 (PDF)

American Sign Language 3

Robin Paredez – – website

Spanish 1 (PDF)

Spanish 2 (PDF)

Spanish 3 (PDF)

Spanish 4 (PDF)

AP Spanish

Northview’s Music Department offers experiences for all levels which helps create a welcoming environment for all students.  Our instrumental and vocal departments have a long tradition of excellence and have been recognized both statewide and nationally. This could not happen without the endless support of the entire Northview community.  Thank you for your part in this amazing culture and climate in the music department at Northview!  If you’d like more information about our departments, performance schedules, and how to get plugged in, please click on the specific website(s) linked below.

Marching into the Northview Community (PDF)

Greg Wells – – website

Beginning Guitar (PDF)

Concert Band (PDF)

Jazz Band (PDF)

Symphonic Band (PDF)

Wind Ensemble (PDF)

Junior Gateways (PDF)

Judy Pellerito – – website

Chorale (PDF)

Concert Choir (PDF)

Varsity Voices (PDF)

Women’s Chorus (PDF)

Focus on the P.E. Department (PDF)

Its great seeing students enjoying fitness in ways that directly relate to their interests.”   – Mr. Kerry

Our new facility has revolutionized our program opening up options for our kids to thrive because there are different choices.”  – Ms. Antrim

I’m happy to see students excited to come to class.  It seemed as though that was fading the past couple years as more and more kids were becoming less and less interested in the traditional sports based PE classes.  The new facility and course offerings allow for fitness outside of the gymnasium – which is a great option for many kids .” – Mr. Baker

Jesse Brinks –


Intro to Sports Medicine

Ted Burba –

A.P. Psychology (PDF)

Psychology (PDF)

Jim Haveman –

Developmental Psychology (PDF)

Matt Howe –

US History (PDF)

Sara Pitt –

Economics – website

A.P. Macroeconomics – website

US History – website


Mark Spetoskey –

A.P. US History (PDF)

US History (PDF)

Mark Thrall – – website

World History (PDF)

Jeff Vargo –

Economics (PDF)

Kevin Weber –

U.S. History (PDF)

Robyne Bailey –

Academic Support

Consumer Math

DLS English/Soc Studies


Julie Haveman –

Consumer Math

Government (PDF)



Cheryl Johnson –

Academic Support


U.S. History/World History

Karen Michewicz –

Academic Support

Applied English

English 12 First Semester (PDF)

English 12 Second Semester (PDF)

Christina Miller –

Academic Support

Algebra (PDF)