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counselorWelcome to the Highlands Counseling and Guidance Home Page.  This web page is designed to be a resource for students and parents in dealing with the academic, social, and emotional concerns that arise.  On this website you will find information about the counseling and guidance program at Highlands Middle School, valuable resources for parenting, study skills, social/emotional support, and academic links that will help your child navigate school and pre-adolescence.



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Purpose Statement
“To prepare students for life’s next steps.”  Northview Public Schools’ mission statement is our guiding purpose for the counseling and guidance program at Highlands Middle School.  By caring for all the needs of the learner, we acknowledge the “whole” student (physical, emotional, mental, and social capacities) and encourage the appropriate developmental steps for each child.


The counseling and guidance program is a comprehensive psycho/social curriculum to help each child walk toward the next steps in life.  Through the use of experiential lessons, group discussions, individual counseling, and crisis services students will learn:

-Strategies in coping with emotions

-Relationship skills

-Study Habits: employability skills

-Self-awareness and self-acceptance

-Understanding and valuing diversity

-Problem-solving and decision-making skills

-Consistent responsible behavior


The counseling and guidance program is designed for all students attending Highlands Middle School.  Students and parents have the opportunity to choose not to be involved in the program if they wish by contacting the counselor.  Students are able as well to choose to participate in each activity/lesson offered.  They are encouraged through the PALS model to make a commitment to the group to be invested fully in the classroom and school, however, they can choose at what level to participate.


The Highlands Counseling and Guidance program follows the Michigan Comprehensive Health Curriculum Standards, American School Counselor Association and National Association Social Workers Ethical Codes.  If you have comments or questions, please contact:


Mr. James Vanden Heuvel, MSW
General Education School Social Worker/ School Counselor
616 361-3440