Water Bottle Challenge Week – Nov. 13 – 17

13 Nov Water Bottle Challenge Week – Nov. 13 – 17

To celebrate/highlight “America Recycles Day” on November 15th, we are having a week long challenge to see which grade can collect the most water bottles.

There will be a tall green bin by the 5th grade lockers (near the bubble gum machine) and a green bin by the sixth (6) grade lockers (near the water bottle filling station).

Please remind students to put their water bottles in the grade matching bin when they are transitioning someplace.  I would suggest having them put the water bottles in the classroom blue bins and then at convenient times of the day (teacher decides), have someone take them to the bins.

Mrs. Krueger’s class will be collecting from the hall bins several times a day and counting.  We’ll let you know which grade collected the most and they will get …. Bragging Rights!

We earn points for our water bottles that we can then cash out for items!

Happy Recycling!!!