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SUMMER ENROLLMENT:  Contact Kathy at (616) 363-6861 or kmaas@nvps.net

In order to enroll your child(ren) into Northview Public Schools, we need the following:

(1)  Proof of residency (not required for approved non-resident students)

– Proof of residency in Northview with parent/guardian’s name and residential address.  Provide at least one of:

● Utility bill issued within the past 60 days

● Closing documents with move-in date

● Current signed lease with leaseholder’s name (parent and/or guardian) and address


– If you cannot provide one of the above items because your family is living with another family in the Northview district, you will be directed to the Administration Building to complete a Residency Affidavit.  This notarized affidavit must be completed by both the parent/guardian and the Northview resident (who must provide proof of residency as detailed above).

– Verification of an address as being in the Northview school district can be done by contacting the township in which the address is located (Ada, Grand Rapids, or Plainfield) or contacting the Administration Building (616-363-6861 or kmaas@nvps.net).

Placement in an elementary building will be made based on class size and availability, not always on attendance area.

(2)  Birth Certificate

The Michigan Missing Children’s Act (MCL 380.1135) requires that you provide a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate when you are enrolling in school or other reliable proof, as determined by the school district, of the student’s identity and age, and an affidavit explaining the inability to produce a copy of the birth certificate.  If you do not meet this requirement within 30 days, the school must notify the local law enforcement agency.


(3)  Immunization Requirements

Please refer to the chart below for the required immunizations and their time frame.  Contact Healthy Kids (1-888-988-6300) for details on free health care coverage, including immunizations.  Students must be current with all immunizations required by law or have an authorized waiver from State immunization requirements.  If a student does not have the necessary shots or waivers, the principal may remove the student and/or require compliance with a set deadline.  This is for safety of all students and in accordance with State law.


(4)  Medications in Schools

Medications in School Letter 6.16

Medication Permission Form 6.16


School communicable disease rules are the minimum standard for preventing disease outbreaks in school settings.  Healthcare professionals in Michigan should follow the 2016 Recommended Immunization Schedule at www.cdc.gov/vaccines or www.michigan.gov/immunize to best protect patients from all diseases.  All doses of vaccines must be given with appropriate spacing between doses and at appropriate ages to be considered valid.


*If vaccination is not administered, current laboratory evidence of immunity is required.

**Students susceptible to these diseases may be excluded from school.
Parents/guardians must obtain a certified nonmedical waiver from a local health department.

**Michigan Department of Community Health   Rev. Sept 9, 2016

Kindergarten Enrollment

Young Kids going to School


Parents Only Meeting: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 7 p.m.

Kindergarten Parent Information Night and Screening Flyer 2017-18


All Northview resident parents/guardians with a child who will be 5 years old on or before SEPTEMBER 1, 2017, please contact your nearest elementary school after February 1 and let the office staff know that your child will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Registration materials are available below.  Call 363-6861 if you do not know which of these three schools is nearest to your home.  If a child does not meet the minimum age requirement to be eligible to attend school for that school year, but will be 5 years of age not later than December 1 of that school year, a kindergarten waiver process may be requested.


East Oakview (361-3460) North Oakview (361-3450) West Oakview (361-3470)


A Developmental Kindergarten program will be available for students who meet the kindergarten age requirement but are not yet ready for the comprehensive kindergarten program (limited number of positions available with entry based on kindergarten screening at Northview).  Individual kindergarten screening appointments at Northview will be scheduled in the springtime for those not attending preschool at Northview.


Non-resident students who want to attend kindergarten at Northview must complete the Schools of Choice process in April and May.  For details, contact Kathy Maas (kmaas@nvps.net or 363-6861).


northview_kittenKINDERGARTEN FORMS

Kindergarten Parent Checklist Letter

Kindergarten Health Appraisal Form

Kindergarten Parent Input & Questionnaire

Preschool Teacher Information for Incoming Kindergartners

Kindergarten Registration Form


Preparing for Kindergarten Establishing Routines

Preparing for Kindergarten Literacy

Preparing for Kindergarten Math

Preparing for Kindergarten Motor Skills