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About East Campus

Dear Families:

On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration of Northview’s East Campus High School, greetings to the multitude of talented students, parents/guardians, and prospective families in our school community.  Thank you all for your interest in East Campus High School.  We offer high school educational opportunities to Northview residents and non-residents in both the daytime and evening.

It is our Mission to empower students for life’s next step. As a result we expect the following from all students:

♦ Demonstrate academic and personal integrity in all of their course work and efforts.

♦ Be honest in all situations to promote self-learning, intellectual growth, and character development.

♦ Always show respect to fellow students, their family members, Northview East Campus faculty and staff, and other individuals or groups within and outside the Grand Rapids area.

Our highly qualified teachers are clearly committed to our Vision of providing teens with both academic and social strategies and opportunities to reach their fullest potential.  We not only offer our academic services during the day but also provide a night school opportunity for our students.  Outside of the classroom our teachers challenge our students socially by encouraging their involvement extracurricular activities.  Within the past year, our students have participated in ultimate Frisbee, softball, and bowling; attended the Carrie play hosted at Aquinas College; served food to homeless at local shelters; marched in the Martin Luther King parade; and spoke at local town hall meetings.

We take pride in achieving our mission and vision to make sure we reflect our school’s belief that:

♦ School should benefit all learners.

♦ Every person has a basic need to learn and grow.

♦ Every person has skills and abilities.

♦ People are essentially good.

♦ Each person is a valued member of the school community.

To ensure we can reach a wide range of students, we offer day care, Kent Career Technical Center Classes, a small school setting, outside learning experiences, career education classes, and a work-based education program.

We appreciate your interest in our school and welcome any questions.  Contact us at 616 361-7396 or bdickerson@nvps.net  Go, Wildcats!


To Register:  Call Ms. Dame at 616 361-7396 to schedule an appointment.  Space is limited so contact Northview East Campus 616 361-7396 soon.



Principal Brent Dickerson and The Northview East Campus Staff



Inspiring all students to achieve their individual best.


Northview Public Schools and its community develop literate, creative problem solvers who are respectful, productive members of society ready for continued learning.


1. Every student can learn – just in different ways and at different rates.
2. Every person is a valued member of the Northview school community.
3. We are all responsible for student success and learning.
4. Integrity, honesty and ethical behavior guide the treatment of students and adults in Northview.
5. People working together toward common goals can accomplish anything.
6. Embrace change and continuous improvement.
7. Focus on performance and results.
8. Our words and behaviors accelerate student academic performance and nurture their social development.


Northview Mission Message