Graduating Class of 2019

06 Jun Graduating Class of 2019

The top top rows are graduates standing dressed in their Northview Red Graduation robes. Top Row: Aaron McNair, Joshua Kissinger, Scott Marzolino, Heath Rawson, Tyevon Williams, Benjamin Fortier, Jax Herman, Joshua Jones, Synnamon Idziak, Donald Zandbergen, Katie Simmons, Andrew Willacker; Middle Row: Samantha Gonda, Emma Gifford, Christopher Bourassa, Elissa Ashley, James Woods, Emma Bowers, Mackenzie Melton, Madelyn Fankhauser, and Mykaylah Chatman; The front row is the seated and has Northview administration and board members dressed in business casual attire. Front Row: Liz Cotter, Linda LaBerteaux, Liz Ensing, Tim Detwiler, Doug LaFleur, Renee Montgomery, Michele Gallery, Scott Korpak, Brent Dickerson, and Drew Klopcic

Presenting the Graduating Class of 2019 at East Campus.  Each of these students pictured here has their own unique story that has brought them to East Campus, and each student has worked hard to accomplish their goal of earning a high school diploma.  We are so proud of their accomplishment and wish them well in “Life’s Next Step.”

Below is the speech from our student speaker Tyevon Williams:

Good evening everyone, it is a pleasure to have you all here and to be on this stage being able to talk to you and my fellow graduates tonight. My name is Tyevon Williams, a high school graduate of the class of 2019! For all of us graduating tonight, we have all faced a great amount of adversity. This graduating class is the prime example of people that said, ¨I can do this¨ even when we were at our lowest. Some of us faced homelessness, depression, anxiety, or simply being less fortunate, and yet each and everyday we still get up to face our responsibilities through life’s obstacles.

I want to thank all the faculty of Northview East Campus for supporting me through my journey in schooling and giving me a shot at redemption. I came here as a freshman, grew into this school, and surrounded myself with the successful people you see here today. All of my friends that turned into family, who were there for me through thick and thin and that had my back from the beginning. We all motivate each other so that we can stay ahead. When one of us is down, we find a way to lift each other back up.

This school is going in the right direction and I’m excited to come back and visit to see the progress and the successful leaders I know Northview will make just like they made me.

Congratulations to my fellow classmen of 2019!