Student of the Quarter

12 Feb Student of the Quarter

This year East Campus is recognizing students who were able to put together sustained effort over the last 9 weeks as our Students of the Quarter.  East Campus is recognizing these students as exemplary citizens of our culture.  We are proud of their accomplishments both in their academics and in their ability to be social leaders.  These students were recognized by their teachers and also taken out to breakfast by our Dean of Students, Drew Klopcic.  Thank you each for your hard work and your willingness to learn.

Mr. Clapp would like to recognize Ashliegh Carter:

Ashliegh Carter pictured as student of the quarter standing in front of a white brick wall with a tight lipped smile with long dark hair parted on her left side and hands in her jacket pockets. She is wearing a mostly back jacket with a two grey horizontal stripe across the chest and down the arms that is unzipped with a white V-neck T-shirt underneath. She also has a silver necklace around her neck with a sliver pendant in the shape of a puzzle piece.

Ashleigh has shown great character throughout the quarter. Her willingness to work hard and persevere through some amazingly tough life challenges has been inspiring. She brings her best to class each day and has shown that she is not only willing to give 100% effort in class but has also been willing to help other students who are struggling. Ashleigh has helped create a sense of community within the class and does not exclude anyone. Her often thought-provoking comments challenge me to think about math problems from her unique perspective. This has helped me appreciate the diversity in math that many students will otherwise overlook.

Congratulations Ashleigh and keep up the good work!

-Mr. Clapp