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Sarah Staal

Kelly Putnam

D/K Weebly
Lauren Bowen  K Website
Jenny Peterson  K Weebly
 Diane Warmuskerken  K Website
Theresa Blank  1st Newsletter
Ellen Knoop  1st Weebly
Jennifer Mason  1st
Lynn Mouthaan 2nd Weebly
Meagan Postma 2nd Weebly
Kris Wolfe 2nd Weebly
Sarah Carpenter 3rd Weebly
Jayme Potgeter 3rd Weebly
Jamie Wilcox 3rd Weebly
Angie Balczak Burton 4th Weebly
Anita Flynn 4th  Newsletter
Seth Howe 4th Website
Krysta King  Resource Weebly
Tara Lukaart  Literacy

Reading Tips

Carrie Davies Library Weebly
Rosie Haugen Art Blog
Kim Nagy Music

Online Classroom Resources Are Changing

We are preparing a new way to interact with your children’s classroom this summer. Each teacher will have a digital presence online that parents and students can go to for resources, links and information.

Please check back at a later date for more information.