North Oakview Staff Favorites

28 Sep North Oakview Staff Favorites

From time to time throughout the year, you may feel moved to express your THANKFULNESS to your student’s teacher. The PTC created this document to guide you toward a meaningful expression of that thankfulness, in case you wondered about the North Oakview Staff Favorites.  Click on their name and it will pull up their paper.

Front Office

Mrs. Cotter -Principal

Mrs. Davis– Building Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Bradley-Office Para

Regional EI Program

Mr. Hoogenstyn

Mrs. Eyestone

Mrs. Brinks – ParaPro

Ms. Johnson – ParaPro

Mrs. Hinks – ParaPro

Mr. Russo – ParaPro


Mrs. Putnam

Mrs. Schelhaas

Mrs. Bowen

Mrs. Peterson

Mrs. Warmuskerken

DK/K ParaPros

Mrs. Campbell

Mrs. Draper

Mrs. Fink

Mrs. Underhill

1st Grade

Mrs. Blank

Mrs. Knoop

Ms. Mason

2nd Grade

Mrs. Mouthaan

Mrs. Postma

Mrs. Wolfe

3rd Grade

Ms. Ingle

Mrs. Potgeter 

Mrs. Wilcox

4th Grade

Mrs. Burton

Mrs. Flynn

Mr. Howe

Resource Room Teachers 

Mrs. King

Mrs. Lukaart

Unified Arts

Mrs. Davies

Mr. Stephens

Mrs. Haugen

Mrs. Nagy

Support Staff

Mr. Ottenjan

Mrs. Ostrowski

Mrs. Preston

Mrs. Ryke

Mrs. Schoonmaker

Mrs. Kirvan

Ms. Johnson

Mrs. Vanwieren

Mr. Kirvan

Mr. Schaner

Mrs. Schutter