Volunteers needed for February 2nd

16 Jan Volunteers needed for February 2nd

On 2/2, our whole school be going to the play at the high school and will get to interact with Crossroads students. We will need 4 parents for each of the DK, K, and 1st grade classrooms and 2 for each of the 2nd-4th. Parents should come no later than 8:45. They will be given class lists to report to their selected room and help walk kids over to high school performing arts center and guide them through the activities. The experience starts at 9:00 and goes until 11 and then they will all walk back to school.

From Director Ben Mitchell:

“So what we have created for North Oakview is an actor for the day type of experience. It will include a couple of our scenes from this year’s play and a ton of interactive experiences for the kids. The middle school kids will be showing your students everything from body movements on stage to lighting setups and a stage make up demonstration. So there will be lots of movement built into the 2 hours.”

If you are interested in volunteering please sign up by following the link below.