Be Prepared… Flash End of Life

Adobe Flash - End of life at the end of the year

28 Feb Be Prepared… Flash End of Life

On December 31, 2020, Adobe Flash Player has hit the end of its life. This may impact you and your students with online interactive and entertainment content.

Content like online education games running off of Flash will no longer be able to work in any web browser (this includes but is not limited to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge and Chromium).  Sites like are slowly converting their flash games over to HTML5, but this isn’t possible for every game.

Example sites:

Ten Frame (Site now no longer exists) modules

The impact this will have on the classroom will vary from teacher to teacher. Those of you that utilize a flash site with the interactive board/pens in your room will find yourself without that tool for that lesson plan.  Sites that have all of their content and lessons built in flash will need to either convert for their customers or fade away. This is why we want to let you know now what to expect so you can better prepare yourselves. As your Tech Team we can’t fix this issue, but we can at least help you prepare for the Flash Dooms Day by educating you and making you aware of it.

When it does happen we expect to see “Special Flash Enabled Browsers” pop up, written by people online. We won’t support using them or allow them to be installed on any Northview device because of some “code red” level security issues. With Adobe no longer updating Flash, all of the security holes won’t be patched and that means the final version will be exploited by all hackers.

We expect the biggest impact at the Elementary level as a lot of the free educational entertainment content out there is old Flash sites.

What a pain in the flash, right?