Summer School Academy

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We are excited to offer summer learning opportunities.  Instead of taking a step backwards due to summer slide, take two steps forward.  The Northview Summer Academy offers small-group instruction to students help build confidence, catch up or gain a deeper understanding of their subject matter.  Both teacher led classes as well as computer based credit recovery are offered.  High school students may enroll in English, math, science, or social studies.  Middle school students are encouraged to enroll in our Key to Success which focuses on leadership, study skills, service, and character development.  Both English and math are also offered.

Middle School Information

Keys to Success

This program is aimed at developing student leadership skills, while reinforcing important concepts in the subjects of mathematics and English language arts. Instruction will be tailored to the needs of the students to reinforce the concepts they learned throughout the school year.

The program is open to all students enrolled in grades 5th–8th during the 2019–20 school year. Parents/guardians are responsible for the students transportation.


Students and parents are required to sign up for the Remind communication platform to report absences and correspond with teachers regarding coursework.

Use the following URL:

Courses and Times

Classes will be held 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM every weekday during the session.

Course offered:



English Language Arts


Attendance is an important part of the learning process. Strong attendance leads to success. Daily attendance is strongly encouraged. Use Remind to report absences.

Tuition and Enrollment

The cost per session for the Middle School Summer Academy is $75for Northview students and $100 for non-Northview students.

Northview students who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch will be charged $40 per session.

Registration and fee are due by June 15. Please see the Middle School Summer Academy 2020 brochure for the enrollment application and more information.

High School Information

Free Online Summer Academy

Enrolling in online summer classes is a great option for students who learn better when taking fewer classes. Even though the classes are online, our instructors are available to provide support and monitor progress. Students will be provided with laptops to use while enrolled in credit recovery.

Classes will be held June 17 – July 15 from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM every weekday. Closed July 6- July 10.

Students will be provided with laptops to use while enrolled in credit recovery.

Classes will be held at Northview High School.

Tuition and Enrollment

There is no fee for enrolling in online courses. Prior to enrolling for credit recovery, meet with your high school counselor to align credit recovery courses with your EDP. To register, complete the enrollment application. Deadline to enroll is June 15.


To maintain the academic integrity of the coursework, the following attendance guidelines are recommended:

– Students are encouraged to attend daily to receive support and guidance from instructors.

– All tests must be taken on-site with an instructor present.

Courses Offered


English 9 A and B

English 10 A and B

English 11 A and B

English 12 A and B


Algebra 1 A and B

Algebra 2 A and B

Geometry A and B


Social Studies

World History A and B

U.S. History A and B

U.S. Government and Politics

U.S. and Global Economy


Physical Science A and B

Biology A and B

Chemistry A and B

Physics A and B


Art Appreciation

Physical Education

Skills for Health

Financial Literacy

Personal Finance A and B

Foreign Language

Spanish 1 A and B

Spanish 2 A and B