April 26, 2017 Superintendent’s Blog

26 Apr April 26, 2017 Superintendent’s Blog


Proposal A Succeeded

If you read my last post, you know that Proposal A lowered Michigan property taxes by 43% and rectified the inequities in public school funding across the majority of Michigan school districts.

So why are Michigan public schools now facing a 6% decline in funding since 2009?

CLICK HERE:  Foundation Allowance Comparison Chart

Public school funding is complex, and the belief that there is a simple and clear answer is woefully inadequate.

Factors NOT Anticipated

  • 2010 census figures showed a significant reduction in Michigan population over the previous decade, coupled with an aging population, resulting in declining enrollment and a loss of per pupil funding for many districts.
  • 152,000 public school students are now enrolled in 300 charter schools in Michigan. Charter schools are 100% funded by State tax dollars. Public school students receive 65% of per pupil funding from State tax dollars.
  • As older people have remained in their homes longer, increases in taxable values of homes have remained stagnant. Taxable values do not “reset” until a home changes ownership.
  • The School Aid Fund has been increasingly tapped to support community colleges and higher education institutions.
  • Misalignment of the State’s fiscal year and public schools’ fiscal year has resulted in unforeseen financing costs to districts to bridge the gap between disbursement of funds and payment of bills.


These are just a few of the flaws in our public school funding formula that have brought Michigan districts to the crossroads we are experiencing in 2017 and to the need for an ISD-wide millage request.

While we continue to struggle with all of the factors listed above and more, we are charged with continuing to equip our students to meet the challenges of tomorrow now. In my next post, learn how the May 2 millage request can help us accomplish that objective.

To the Continued Success of our Students,