December 22, 2017 Superintendent’s Blog

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22 Dec December 22, 2017 Superintendent’s Blog


Northview Public Schools recently concluded the annual survey of families with students attending Northview.  This survey offered an opportunity for families to provide feedback on how Northview is developing literate, creative problem solving students who are respectful, productive members of society ready for continued learning.  Response to our Northview family survey was gratifying and provided good information to guide us as we work toward the goal of preparing today’s students for life’s next step.  We are confident in the reliability of the survey data because we received almost a thousand responses.  That tells us what we know:  Northview families are involved with their public schools and committed to the task in which we are all invested.

More than 75% of respondents indicated Northview’s Promise is being met:  They believe students are being prepared for the next academic year – “Life’s Next Step” for each of them.

An equal number of respondents felt their student(s) respond well to the disciplinary approach at their school, and felt a sense of belonging in their school environment, while more than 88% felt their children experienced a good cultural “fit” at Northview.  This supports our efforts to educate respectful students who feel valued in our community and who treat other students and adults ethically and with integrity and honesty.  More than 80% of respondents believe children enjoy attending their child’s school and more than 70% feel their school values diverse backgrounds.

Respect, according to the survey respondents, is a two-way street, with over 85% recognizing respect of students for teachers and the same number applauding teachers’ respect for students.

Because we believe the student/teacher relationships in our schools are one of the most critical components for a successful education, we were encouraged to find more than 85% of respondents feel their student is comfortable approaching the teacher for help and 95% think the teacher’s style of teaching is a good match for their child’s learning style.  Seventy percent of respondents believe the teacher makes adjustments in teaching style to fit a student’s needs. Eighty-eight percent of respondents are confident the teacher has mastery of the content being taught and 91% believe classroom lessons are motivating in nature.  More than 79% think administrators in their child’s school promote a good learning environment. All of these factors support and reinforce our efforts under Initiative I of the District Strategic Plan.

The majority of respondents visit our website with some frequency; however, many still rely heavily upon district and teacher emails for important information, while some still rely upon paper communications.  This feedback confirms that we must continue to make information accessible on multiple platforms to achieve our goal of continued teamwork with the parent community.

While we are pleased overall with the survey results, we recognize the true purpose of this survey is to guide our steps as we embrace change and continuous improvement at Northview Public Schools with a focus on performance and results.  Thank you for supporting our schools.  Enjoy your holidays with family and friends.

To the Continued Success of our Students,

Scott or 616.363.6861