April 14, 2017 Superintendent’s Blog

14 Apr April 14, 2017 Superintendent’s Blog

Learning is fun! This is the message that Northview faculty and staff share with students every day. As human beings, we are made to learn. While there are significant challenges in our world, we must always remember that there is also beauty, and new and fascinating things to learn about every day.

My new learning is this blog. I’ve not written a blog before, but I am ready to learn something new.  It’s a wonderful way for me to share the highs (what Northview students and staff do each and every day), as well as the challenges (like school funding) with you.

Future posts might include the pride I feel after seeing a Northview performance, witnessing an act of kindness in our community, or celebrating the success of our academic or athletic teams. In other posts I may share a comment I heard about a wonderful Northview happening. Occasionally I may even include a photo.  🙂

Sometimes my blog will be lighthearted and sometimes I will share serious concerns as we work together to do what’s best for Northview students.

I look forward to meeting you at my blog on nvps.net/news & events, sometimes weekly, sometimes not.  In order to support the teaching and learning at Northview, I do need to step away from my desk at times.  🙂  Send me your comments anytime at skorpak@nvps.net

To the Continued Success of Our Students,

Northview Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Scott Korpak