January 12, 2018 Superintendent’s Blog

12 Jan January 12, 2018 Superintendent’s Blog

As we turn the corner at the midpoint of the school year, I would like to recognize those individuals who volunteer their valuable time to preserve the core of our democracy – public education. The members of Northview’s Board of Education ensure decisions about school programming, budget, culture and policy represent the community who elected them and assure our children are prepared to be tomorrow’s leaders and good citizens.

Tough decisions and countless hours of dedicated service are required of these individuals at this challenging time in public education, and their work continues year round. Please take a moment to thank a school board member. 

Northview Public Schools Board of Education 2018:

Dr. Doug S. LaFleur, President

Mrs. Renee Montgomery, Vice President

Dr. Timothy J. Detwiler, Secretary-Treasurer

Mrs. Michelle Gallery, Legislative Liaison

Mr. Jeff Lambert, Trustee

Mrs. Liz Ensing, Trustee

Mrs. Linda LaBerteaux, Trustee

We salute these public servants, whose caring and dedication represent a combined forty years of preparing our children to take “Life’s Next Step.”

To the Continued Success of our Students,

Scott Korpak, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Northview Public Schools

skorpak@nvps.net or 616 363-6861