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    Northview Public Schools      
    May 2012 Bond Proposal Ballot      
    Directions: Complete the lines 1 through 5 highlighted in BLUE.          
                    Taxing District
    1. Where do you live? Choose your township or village from the drop down
          Ada Township
    Grand Rapids Township
            Your Estimated 2012 Total Tax Rate before this ballot proposal     Plainfield Township
    2. Your Total Annual Household Income          
              Estimated Fair Market Value (FMV)      
    3. Your Homestead Taxable Value (50% FMV)        
    4. Are you or your spouse age 65 or older?          
            (Enter Y for Yes)        
    5. Do you itemize your deductions on your federal          
      tax return?     (Enter Y for Yes)        
    Your Estimated Tax Impact      
      The following is an ESTIMATE of your net tax impact from the increase in millage for the above proposed bond issue. It is an estimate only and should not be relied upon as tax advice. You should consult your tax advisor to determine the exact impact on your tax computations.      
      Proposed Estimated Debt Millage Increase for 2012 Proposal          
    Estimated Increase in Homestead Property Tax based on your taxable value
      (before credits)            
    Estimate 2012 Tax Before Proposal            
      Total Current Property Taxes          
      Federal Income Tax Deduction (Note 6)        
      State Property Tax Credit (Notes 1-4)        
      State Property Tax Credit - Senior Citizen (Notes 1-4)        
    Proposed 2012 Tax Estimate              
      Total Property Tax with Proposed Bond Issue          
      Federal Income Tax Deduction (Note 6)        
      State Property Tax Credit (Notes 1-4)        
      State Property Tax Credit - Senior Citizen (Notes 1-4)        
    Estimated NET Tax Increase (Decrease)        
      Monthly Cost          
    1 Taxpayers with an annual household income over $50,000 are not eligible for the Michigan property tax credit.        
    2 Homestead property over $135,000 is no longer eligible for the Michigan property tax credit.        
    3 The 60% credit is reduced by 10% for every $1,000 (or part of $1,000) that a taxpayer's household income exceeds $41,000.      
    4 Senior taxpayers over 65 with an annual household income under $21,001 are eligible for a 100% Michigan property tax credit. This credit is phased down to 60% for income levels over $30,000 and up to the $50,000 limit.        
    5 Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim is filed on form MI-1040CR.          
    6 Federal Tax Impact assumes a 15% tax bracket. Your tax bracket may be higher or lower providing a larger or smaller deduction.      
    7 The above examples are based on certain assumptions and may be different than your specific situation.        
      There may also be changes in tax regulations that could impact the above calculation.        
      Contact your tax professional for specifics related to your taxes.          
    8 These estimates include the recent changes in the Michigan Property Tax Credit to be effective January 1, 2012. Future legislation may implement additional changes.        
    9 Assumes no change in taxable values.            
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