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We are always in need of sub bus drivers!  If you are a person who loves kids and would like a rewarding part-time job driving school bus, call us at 616 361 3480.  All training is provided.  Drivers start as substitutes and it can develop into a permanent part-time position.

NORTHVIEW RESIDENTS: You MUST Sign Up your Child for School Busing for 2017-18

If you are a Northview resident and want your child transported by the Northview Transportation Department for the upcoming school year, you must register using our new online registration system.  Whether your student rode the bus in the past or is new to the district, please sign up BELOW.  For transportation registrations submitted by August 1, 2017, routing information will be shared with the family by mid-August.  If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department at 616 361 3480.

For more details on what’s new for 2017 in Northview Transportation, read below:
Transportation Letter to Families Summer 2017



The Board of Education has adopted Bus Safety Regulations.  In order to ensure that riding the bus is a safe and positive experience for each student, it is necessary that rules and regulations be adopted and enforced.  The rules provide for a firm, fair and consistent application of student discipline on the school buses.  Although the rules may appear quite strict, they must be evaluated on the basis of safety of the students being transported.  An action that may be a minor discipline problem in the classroom can be very serious on a school bus if it causes the driver’s attention to be diverted from the road.  Bus drivers will continue to try and maintain order and control with verbal warnings; however, if that is not effective, the rules will be enforced as specified.  We appreciate parent and student cooperation in helping to provide safe transportation for students.

No student shall conduct himself or herself in a manner which jeopardizes the safe operation of the bus.  Any distraction or disturbance which draws the driver’s attention away from the road could result in an accident causing injury and possible death to other students.

The bus driver has the responsibility and authority to deal with all safety and discipline problems on the bus.  It is the driver’s duty to promptly report all discipline problems to the Transportation Director, through the discipline referral process, who will administer the policy based on the nature of the offense.  If students are suspended from riding the bus, the principal will be notified as soon as possible.  The complete bus regulations will be given to each student during the first week of school.

TAKE SOME TIME!  Parents/Guardians:  Please take time to review these rules of bus safety with your student.  Safety is a priority at Northview!


1.  Please arrive at the bus stop FIVE minutes before your scheduled pick-up, stand 10 feet off of the road and wait in an orderly manner.  In order to maintain the proper schedule, the bus driver cannot wait for any student.
2.  When it is necessary for students to cross the road, they must do so in front of the bus and wait for the driver’s signal to cross.
3.  Students must remain seated until the bus stops and the door opens.
4.  Students are expected to ride their regularly assigned bus.  Unauthorized changes will not be allowed.
5.  Requests for students going home with other students must be approved in advance through the Transportation Office.  Drivers will not accept notes from students.
6.  Bus drivers are not authorized to make unscheduled bus stops.
7.  Kindergarten/Developmental Kindergarten:  Please make arrangements for an adult or older student to walk to/from the bus stop with a Kindergarten or Developmental Kindergarten student.