About Northview

Message From The Superintendent

Dr Christina Hinds Dear Families, Community Members, Staff and Students,


Welcome to Northview Public Schools!  Northview is a wonderful place to live and learn.  As one of the finest school districts in the state, we work in partnership with parents and the community to prepare competent, caring, respectful and confident young people.  We focus on belonging, equity, and access ensuring all who enter our buildings feel welcome.


We are proud of our tradition of dedicated service to students and outstanding parent and community involvement in our programs.  Our excellent reputation for high expectations and a responsible and well-disciplined student body makes Northview a sought after school district.


Want to learn more? Learn more about us through this website. Contact us anytime with questions (info@nvps.net).  Go, ‘Cats!


In partnership,

Dr. Christina Hinds, Superintendent


Northview Public Schools encompasses an area with no central town or city, and therefore serves as the “glue” that binds our geography. It is the rallying point and provides a common interest that defines our community. What unites us is the desire to work together to prepare our students to be caring, respectful, considerate and successful individuals.


Northview enjoys an excellent reputation as a quality public school district that is forward-thinking and continually striving for greater achievement. We are proud to note that:

    • Northview’s SAT scores have trended upward more than 50 points, ranking our students at the top among districts of similar size and demographics.
    • Ninety percent of our English language learning students performed at or above average on literacy testing, outpacing the Kent ISD and other districts statewide.
    • Since 2014, our drop-out rate has fallen a full percentage point to less than 1.4%.
    • Our offerings are wide ranging, with innovative programs such as Field School, the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program, Future Focused Fridays at our Career Center and many more.
    • Northview Public Schools partners with kent Intermediate School District by housing their countrywide Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program.
    • Northview has garnered area recognition for its counseling and community support programs, and serves as a model for other districts in its “whole child” and social service liaison programs.
    • Our Employability Skills Framework and Career Acceleration Center have been cited as tangible products of our commitment to assisting our graduates in developing the skills and characteristics that result in lucrative careers oriented to today’s opportunities, as well as future employability.


Northview is recognized across the nation as a quality public school system. Our partnerships with local businesses aim to keep our community in sync with economic trends and supplied with talented, creative, ethical future leaders. Check us out!

Our Best. Your Best.

Our Mission

Northview Public Schools and its community develop literate, creative problem solvers who are respectful, productive members of society ready for continued learning.

Our Vision

Inspiring all students to achieve their individual best.

Our Beliefs

– Every student can learn – just in different ways and at different rates.

– Every person is a valued member of the Northview school community.

– We are all responsible for student success and learning.

– Integrity, honesty and ethical behavior guide the treatment of students and adults in Northview.

– People working together toward common goals can accomplish anything.

– Embrace change and continuous improvement.

– Focus on performance and results.

– Our words and behaviors accelerate student academic performance and nurture their social development.

Our Superintendent

Dr Christina Hinds

Dr. Christina Hinds is the Superintendent of Northview Public Schools.  She has served the Northview district since 2022.  She may be contacted at (616) 363-6861 or chinds@nvps.net.



Northview Public Schools is a school district acknowledged for the high caliber of its graduates, the high quality of its staff, and the excellence of its programs. We are a school district where students learn to appreciate diversity and the many cultural influences that shape the community.


Northview’s strong academic program includes learning experiences in all areas of language arts (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), math, science, social studies, technology, physical education, instrumental and vocal music, and art.  Special education services are an integrated facet of our educational opportunities for students.  A developmental kindergarten program allows even the youngest to be successful.


We respect individual learning styles that allow each student to learn more easily and successfully through their strengths. There is not “one right way” to learn. Each person has an individual learning style. Physical, environmental, sociological, and motivational factors are considered.


Enrichment programs that provide opportunity for all students to learn and advance as quickly and as far as interest and talents allow enhance our general education program.

Community Spirit

Northview Wildcat Icon TransparentThere is a collective spirit among parents/guardians, board members, teachers, administration, staff and community members to “do the right thing” for our students. This spirit is an important groundwork for the success every child deserves. Parents are encouraged to become involved whenever possible. Parent groups support many of our school buildings.


Our community spirit produces overwhelming voter support that has allowed us to recently renovate our school buildings and grounds to provide safe, secure, and nurturing learning environments. A 750-seat Performing Arts Center showcases student and community productions. Well-equipped media centers, computer labs, and advanced technology in every classroom reveal the commitment of the entire Northview community to “do the right thing” for students.  A Community Fitness Center and 13-lane Swimming Pool offer a convenient and affordable facility where adults, seniors and students can work out side-by-side to get healthy and stay healthy.

Opportunities That Teach Beyond The Classroom

Northview ‘s Community Education program strives to meet the needs of all residents from the babe in arms to the senior citizen with a variety of recreational, cultural, and educational activities and services. They include adult education programs, youth sports, a senior citizens program, summer academics, fine arts and recreational classes, sports camps, and more.


Recognizing on a need for our students to explore the natural environment, develop team work and leadership skills and provide them the opportunity to learn outdoor skills, A.L.P.S was created.  The Adventure Leadership Program is dedicated to bringing exciting outdoor opportunities and skill to 5th and 6th grade students at Highlands through adventure activities and service learning projects.  A.L.P.S meets Tuesday and Thursday for 9 weeks, for 1.5 hours after school.


Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) is a program offering testing by an early childhood diagnostic team. Children with a delay in one or more developmental areas qualify for this programming.  The Bright Beginnings program provides services to families with children birth to kindergarten entry.


From early childhood on through high school, Northview prepares students for life’s next steps. Share in our excitement for learning and our commitment to educational excellence. Our combination of rigorous academic standards, an excellent staff and community involvement is a proven recipe for success.

Our Location

Northview Public Schools covers approximately 13.5 square miles in the county of Kent in the southwestern portion of Michigan’s lower peninsula. The community is surrounded with a wonderful array of educational, cultural, business, and recreational opportunities. It includes portions of Plainfield Township, Ada Township and Grand Rapids Township. Population is approximately 20,000.


Our School Buildings

The Northview School District has three elementary schools (East Oakview, North Oakview, and West Oakview), two middle schools (Highlands/grades 5 and 6 and Crossroads/grades 7 and 8), and two high schools (Northview High School, Northview Next Career Center and Northview Next Learning Center).

Our Student Population

As of 2023 Northview Public Schools serves approximately 3,138 students across eight buildings. Approximate counts for each building are: East Oakview Elementary (410), North Oakview Elementary (355), West Oakview Elementary (259), Highlands Middle School (402), Crossroads Middle School (443), Northview High School (1061), Northview Next Career Center (32) and the Northview Next Learning Center (107).

Our Employees

Northview Public Schools employs approximately 400 people to meet the needs of our students. We are an equal opportunity employer. The Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex (including sexual orientation and transgender identity), disability, age, religion, height, weight, marital or family status, military status, ancestry, genetic information, or any other legally protected characteristic, (collectively, “Protected Classes”) in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities.