Athletic Fundraising

Northview Athletics Campaign For Support

How can you get involved?

Give a one-time gift to the athletics campaign. You can give online, or write a check to Northview Public Schools with “Athletics Campaign” in the memo line. We are pleased to provide public recognition to those businesses or individuals who make a significant gift. We’d love to talk with you about the options.


Become an annual donor. We’re committed to supporting every student who wants to play sports, regardless of family circumstances. That’s why we invite gifts any time to the Wildcat Fund. Donations to the Wildcat Fund are set aside in the school budget. Our coaches can direct those dollars toward individual student needs, such as appropriate footwear or transportation.


All gifts to Northview Public Schools are tax-deductible. Thank you for supporting our incredible student-athletes as they develop the character and skills needed for success!

Why do athletics matter?

Athletics can transform a high school student’s experience in three significant ways:

  • Character. Athletics teach discipline, leadership, communication and teamwork.
  • Career. Athletics are a lure to keep students in school and focused on scholastic achievement.
  • Camaraderie. Athletics create a sense of belonging that is essential for mental health.

Who are the Northview High School Athletes?

Many families seek out Northview because they are looking for hope. They want a better high school experience than what they’ve come from, and we provide it. That’s why more than one-third of our students come from outside this district. They’re willing to drive here for the resources and opportunities that we provide.


We welcome students from any background and that creates marvelous diversity. One in four of our students identifies as non-Caucasian. More than 50% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Roughly half of our more than 1,000 students take part in athletics in a typical year, split close to 50/50 between genders. Our athletes represent all kinds of families,
backgrounds, and ethnicities.

How are athletics funded?

In most of the 48 schools throughout the OK (Ottawa/Kent) Conference, athletics are “pay to play.” That means families must pay a fee for every child, every sport. Fees can amount to hundreds of dollars per season, depending on the sport and number of children participating.


The voters in the Northview district chose to create equity in 2007 by funding athletics through a millage. Any Northview student can participate in any sport without a fee. We are the only high school in the OK White Conference (and one of few in the conference overall) that does not have a “pay to play” policy.


That’s a significant commitment, because we have a comprehensive athletics program. Northview offers 20 of the 22 sports recognized by the Michigan High School Athletic Association. Our students have the choice and opportunity to play virtually any sport that other high school students can play.

What is this campaign about?

This campaign is about equity. We want to encourage every student who is willing to try a sport. Almost 2 out of 5 students (40%) come from an economically disadvantaged home. A “pay to play” approach would provide extra funding. However, it would exclude any student whose family budget does not have extra money for sports.


It’s also about parity in the conference. Our coaches and teams work hard and are committed to excellence. For their efforts to pay off in conference play, they need the same resources and equipment that other schools have.


Every dollar we raise through this campaign allows us to engage more student-athletes in high-quality experiences without taking money away from classroom education.

Funds raised will focus on:

    • Student-Athlete Wellness
    • Safety and Transportation
    • Student-Athlete Opportunity
    • Renovations of Athletic Facilities

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Northview Next High School Director

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Northview Football Head Coach

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