Academically Talented Youth Program

ATYP (Gifted/Talented)

ATYP is a Gifted & Talented program provided through the Kent ISD for gifted children.  While it is not designed for every outstanding student, it is option for optimal learning for the highly gifted child.  Kent ATYP is a highly accelerated Math or Language Arts program, providing students demonstrating unusual academic promise and passion for math or language arts an opportunity to study in greater depth and complexity, at a much faster pace, with like students of similar abilities.  It is based on the Johns Hopkins Talent Search model.  Similar programs also occur at Western Michigan University, Hope College, Michigan State University, and Central Michigan University.


HELPFUL TIMELINES:  2020 Please note that timeline may be adjusted due to COVID-19 and adjusted academic schedules and calendars.

JANUARY to APRIL:  All qualifying testing must be completed by April of each spring for scores to arrive for consideration.  Kent ATYP will no longer be able to accept applications for consideration after the May screening dates.  Counselors are encouraged to ask potential students to share scores with KISD ATYP staff for consideration.

LATE APRIL:  Invitations to the next level of screening for candidates will be made by KISD ATYP staff in late APRIL.

MAY:  Screening for further qualification is done.  Counselors and teachers will be contacted for input into selection in May.  ATYP qualifiers will be notified and registration needs to be done by first week of June.

EARLY JUNE:  Registration must be completed before counselors leave for summer vacations to help with scheduling and transportation issues.  THE FIRST CLASS ACTUALLY RUNS on an evening during the first week of June to introduce students/parents to the summer online learning requirements.

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER:  Students and parents participate in an orientation night.  ATYP begins the first week of school.


For more information about Kent ATYP and NU Midwest Academic Talent Search contact:

Mary Nell Baldwin
Kent ATYP Exec. Director at Kent ISD
616 365-2284


For more information about Kent ATYP contact:

Ann Hyde
Kent ATYP Director
616 560-2393


For more information on NU Midwest Academic Talent Search contact:

Center for Talent Development Staff
847 491-3782