Principal’s Message

Welcome to Crossroads Middle School

Northview Crossroads Middle School resides in a community just north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are a learning environment composed of a creative and capable staff of about sixty individuals.  Along with a community of supportive parents/guardians, we are focused on the academic and social education of our approximately five hundred 7th and 8th grade middle school students.


The school building was built in 1965 and modernized in 1996.  There are three computer labs, which were upgraded in 2014, along with two portable laptop carts, four sets of Chrome books, and each classroom is outfitted with an interactive projector.


Advanced classes are offered in seventh and eighth grade math, as well as eighth grade language arts.  A variety of after school clubs are offered, which include homework help, after-school tutoring, art, fun and fitness, yearbook, National Junior Honor Society, and jazz band / percussion ensemble.


Crossroads Middle School is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where all are respected.  All members of the school community must, therefore, adhere to positive behavior requirements.  Rules and regulations are in place that provide the structure for positive behavior, and enable the school to operate in a safe and orderly manner, where students feel secure and are able to learn without disruption.


Inspiring all students to achieve their individual best.

Northview Public Schools and its community develop literate, creative problem solvers who are respectful, productive members of society ready for continued learning.

1. Every student can learn – just in different ways and at different rates.
2. Every person is a valued member of the Northview school community.
3. We are all responsible for student success and learning.
4. Integrity, honesty and ethical behavior guide the treatment of students and adults in Northview.
5. People working together toward common goals can accomplish anything.
6. Embrace change and continuous improvement.
7. Focus on performance and results.
8. Our words and behaviors accelerate student academic performance and nurture their social development.