Staying Informed at East Oakview

Staying Informed Online

Phone: (616) 361-3460

Fax: (616) 365-6181

IMPORTANT INFO for Parents/Guardians

East Oakview has a number of resources – many online – to keep you informed.

Keep Your Information Current: All parents/guardians are required to complete and sign an updated registration form for their student(s) at the beginning of every school year. It is important that we have current contact information for you at all times – phones, email and address. Note: if you move, proof of residency on the new address is mandatory; please contact the office.

Parent/Guardian Communication: parents/guardians who provide an email address will automatically receive occasional emails about upcoming events and announcements. Also, each student will bring home a weekly folder on Wednesdays with miscellaneous papers of upcoming events and activities.

School Website: Our website has a variety of helpful links including all the items on this page, a school calendar, and staff directory, just to name a few.

Homework: Look for your child’s weekly folder (Friday Folder). Check here to stay current on your child’s class work and for homework assignments if he/she has missed school.

Grades/Progress Reports: Students will be given report cards to bring home at the end of the 1st semester; as well as the last day of school. Parents/guardians may always check on ParentVue, to monitor attendance. If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s progress, please contact your child’s teacher directly. Email addresses and telephone extensions are located in the Staff Directory link on our website and in the Student Handbook.

Meal Accounts: Deposits may be brought in to the school or paid online for a small fee (go to the Northview District website, then to “Food Services” and then to “Pay for Meals Online” or go to You will need your student’s school ID number to make a deposit. Students who run a negative balance in their account will be given a sandwich for lunch. The ‘Free/Reduced Meal’ application (one per family) is available at

Jan Jager, NV Food Services Director (616-363-4857) is available to answer any questions and provide assistance on this program.

Medications: Medication forms are available in the Main Office for both over-the-counter and prescription medications. They are also available on our website at: All prescription medications require physician signature on our medication form. All medications must be in their original container. Parents/guardians must personally bring in medications to our office. All medications are stored and dispensed through the Office; students are not to carry medicine on their persons (arrangements can be made through the office if a student needs to carry an inhaler). No medication can be dispensed to a student unless it has been sent in from home and a properly completed and signed medication form is on file at school.

Important Info For NEW PARENTS

Welcome to East Oakview! We are happy to have you join our community. We are a DK-4 grade building and typically have about 400 students and 45 staff in the building.

School Hours

(M, T, Th, F) Starting bell rings at 8:15 AM and end of day bell rings at 3:30 PM.

(Wed) Starting bell rings at 9:15 AM and end of day bell rings at 3:30 PM.

Student Drop-off and Pick-up

Visitors enter off of Holtman. Staff and busses enter off of Suburban Shores.

(M, T, Th, F) Students can begin drop off at 8:00 AM when staff is in place to supervise.

(Wed) 9:00 AM  for drop off when staff is in place to supervise.

The office is open from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM on regular school days.

Bus Garage – phone number is (616) 361-3480. To get your child registered for busing you must visit the website; If you want your student to ride a bus home, other than one he/she is scheduled to ride, YOU must call the bus garage directly and make arrangements no later than 10 am.

Absences – must be called in to the office, daily, unless prior arrangements have been made. The main office number is (616) 361-3460 ; an answering machine is available to take your message during non-business hours. Provide your name, your student’s name and grade, and the reason for the absence. If your student is out ill, please state the type of illness (for public health reporting requirements).

Tardy Arrivals – must be called in to the office, signed in and given a classroom pass; otherwise it will go as unexcused.

After school student pick-up – If you are planning to regularly pick up your child after school you will receive a neon orange paper with the student name. This paper will be displayed in the front right windshield of the car picking up your child.

Volunteering -at school is always welcome. A volunteer consent must be completed each year and processed prior to helping out. Go to Northview’s Home page, the select top tab “Get Involved,” scroll down to “Volunteer in Our Schools” and select this option. Finally, click on red link “Volunteer Consent Form,” complete and submit.

Lunch accounts -may be paid in person – or online for a small fee. The online link is on the main Northview website (“Food Services” on the right side; then “Pay for Meals Online”). Our finger-point scan program is used to provide hot lunches to students and track accounts. Students who run a negative balance in their account will be given a sandwich for lunch

Free/Reduced Lunch: Enrollment must be done each year in the fall; only one form is needed per family for the school district (you do not need to do a separate form for each student). Info packets are available at each building but we strongly encourage you to fill the form out online on the Food Service page. Jan Jager, NV Food Services Director, (616-363-4857) is available to answer any questions and provide assistance on this program.

Rev 6/12/15