Family Resources

Parenting is tough. We understand.

This page is dedicated to providing advice and support in parenting the children in Northview.

Northview Public Schools Tutor List

Here you will find a list of tutors in Northview Public Schools. The list is constantly being updated. Northview does not endorse these individuals, but provides their information as a service to the community. Please contact the tutor directly.

Mental Health

The School Based Mental Health Providers Coalition and partners have created a Return to School Mental Health Toolkit to provide school community members and stakeholders effective tools and resources needed to help plan for the road back to the classroom.

Communication Channels

Online Information

The district website,, provides a wealth of information about the district and our schools. The website serves as a portal to all of the building pages where you will find important information on  upcoming activities and events, reminders, announcements, and building news. The website is a public place of information for students and their parents/guardians, families, staff, community members and the public at-large. Please bookmark on all of your electronic devices.


At Northview, ParentVUE is the primary access point for families to view student record information, including grades, attendance and contact information. This helpful resource facilitates school/family communications. Many families access ParentVUE via the district website, but it is also available as a mobile app. You can download the app from Apple’s iOS App Store or Android’s Google Play Store.

If you’re a parent/guardian of a middle or high school student, ParentVUE will also push out automatic notifications regarding grade changes via the mobile app. You can choose to be notified of all grade changes, only those that fall below a threshold of your choice or you can choose to receive no notifications at all. To access this feature, go to the ParentVUE app (iOS | Android) and enable notifications.


Questions? Please reach out to our tech team at

Traversa RIDE 360

The Transportation Department uses an online tool and mobile app, Traversa RIDE 360, to provide up-to-the-minute bus stop information and pick-up/drop-off times to families. For detailed instructions on how to register and download the Traverse RIDE 360 app please see our Transportation page.

School Lunch & Send Money To School

All students are assigned a meal account when they enroll in Northview. This account stays the same for the duration of their school years. To make online payments to your child’s meal account, the Food Service Department uses the website, Funds will show on the account within one day. The website provides free access to your child’s account to view balances and charges.

You can also choose to receive an email alert when funds dip below a selected dollar figure. Please note there is a small fee to deposit through this website.

Social Media

The district posts official, up-to-date news and stories on Facebook. We also share good news on our Twitter feed. Please be sure to “like” and follow us on the following social media channels:

Northview News

Our monthly newsletter is delivered to our families and community at the beginning of each month. It includes featured stories from around the district, reminders and upcoming events and information of interest to the community at-large. You can always find an electronic version of the most recent issues on our website.


Intouch is Northview’s web-based emergency notification service. Intouch Notification Service is used to contact families during severe weather and other emergencies as well as for other important  communications. Notifications will be delivered via phone call, email and text. You do not need to sign up for this service. All Northview families are automatically added during the enrollment process, but
you can choose to opt out.

Loss & Grief

When a loved one dies, it can be difficult to know how to help kids cope with the loss. How much kids understand about death depends on their age, experiences and each individual child. Here are some resources to help you guide a grieving child.

Ele’s Place specializes in assisting children and families through this process. They can be reached at: (616) 301-1605.


Gilda’s Club 1-(800)-325-1419 provides cancer support and grief/loss support for all ages.


St. Mark’s Church (134 Division Avenue N.) works with to offer a grief and loss group for parents and family members. Contact Connie at 616-430-0905. Their website also has numerous resources to help with grief.

Bereaved Parents of the USA provides a variety of supports for families impacted by loss of a child, though the nearest sponsored support group is in Utica, Michigan.


Grieving the Loss of a Child is an article that may be helpful for families to read and refer to as they process the loss.


Pine Rest Christian Mental Health has a variety of counseling supports that include individual, family, and group therapy centered on topics of grief and loss. The central access number is (616) 455-9200.

Michigan’s Child Protection Registry

The Michigan Child Protection Registry is a parent’s frontline defense in blocking adult-themed content from reaching children and teens on their phones, tablets or other electronic devices. Simply register your child’s cell phone number, email address or Instant Messenger ID at:

It’s free, easy and secure, and so important. It works to stop messages about alcohol, tobacco, gambling and pornography from reaching your child. This is a service provided by Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson

Introduction of State of Michigan Parent Dashboard

On January 9, 2018, the Michigan Department of Education announced the unveiling of the Parent Dashboard for School Transparency.


What is it? It is an easy online tool developed with significant parent feedback on its planning, content and design.


What does it do? The Dashboard makes a variety of data available to parents and caregivers who wish to check the performance of a child’s school and allows comparison with other public and charter schools using nearly 20 separate measures which parents have requested. The format allows a deeper look into various groupings of students by gender, race, subject and services to students. Data is presented in a rolling three-year time frame and will be a living document. Graphic comparisons are offered for each school building, similar demographic group or geographic area, and statewide average.

Northview Public Schools and I invite you to check out the variety of information available here.

To the Continued Success of our Students,
Christina Hinds, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Northview Public Schools

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