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Free & Reduced Price School Meals Family Applications are available online!

Just visit for quick and easy submission.

If applying online, do not submit a paper application.

Contact Information

Northview’s Food Service is committed, through teamwork, to provide nutritious, well-balanced meals in a respectful, friendly manner.

All questions regarding the Food Service at Northview can be directed to Jan Jager:

Phone: (616) 361-3473


Need to talk to someone from a specific kitchen?

High School & NNCC – Jan Jager –

Crossroads – Renay George –

Highlands – Krista Lewis-Bissell –

East Oakview – Kathy Kramer –

North Oakview – Anna Pellegrom –

West Oakview – Sherri Lee –

NOTICE: has moved!

Please visit us at our new home: has moved and been improved. You must update your old account or create a new Family Portal account.

1. At the Family Portal site, find your school and then click the Go button.
2. Click the Register button to setup an account.
3. For the Username, enter the email address you used for
4. Accept the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy.
5. Check your email for an activation link and click it.
6. Follow the instructions to complete setup.

Summer Meals Program – Meet Up and Eat Up

Please read this document for more information regarding the Meet Up and Eat Up program being offered this summer.

Free Summer Feeding has been approved and will begin at both East Oakview and Northview High School.

Northview High School

4451 Hunsberger NE Grand Rapids MI

We will serve Tuesday and Wednesday 11:30am –12:30pm June 14-June 29 2022

Mon-Thurs 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM July 11-August 18


East Oakview Elementary

3940 Suburban Shores NE, Grand Rapids MI

We will serve lunch from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM every Mon-Thurs from July 11 through August 18, 2022


Please contact the Food Service office at (616) 361-3473 with any questions.



Grades K-12 Breakfast: $1.35

Grades K-4 Lunch: $2.25

Grades 5-8  Lunch: $2.50

Grades 9-12 Lunch:  $2.50-$3.25

K-12 Reduced Breakfast: $0.30

K-12 Reduced Lunch: $0.40

One beverage (milk or juice) is included in the meal price above. If a child wants a second beverage or a beverage to go with a sack lunch, the price is $0.50. A beverage is not free unless a meal is purchased.


Breakfast is offered at all Northview schools before school begins in the morning. Breakfast consists of fruit, grain, meat/meat alternative and milk.  Lunch consists of a fruit, vegetable, grain, protein and milk.

Students MUST take a fruit or vegetable at lunch and breakfast in order to qualify for meal “pricing.” If your child is a participant in the free and reduced program and they are being charged for their meal, it may be because they are not taking all of the components. Please encourage your child to take advantage of getting at least one item from the fruit and vegetable bar. If there is not something offered that day that they want for their meal, please have them take an item that can be put into their backpack and taken home for after school.

NOTE: When school is unexpectedly cancelled, please be aware that the menu choice from the day when school is closed will be served on the next day school is in session.

The menu may change at any time due to shortages and out of stock products. We will again do a four week menu cycle and release the menu one week in advance. This allows us to assure that all posted menu items in the week are in the district and ready to go. 

Free & Reduced

Fill out a Free and Reduced Price School Meals Family Application online by using The site walks you through a set of questions and sends the information directly to Northview. What are the advantages? You will not have to send in the paper application. Your application is processed in most cases in less than one business day. Be sure to list ALL household members on the same application with ALL household income. If you are currently receiving food stamps you MUST include the case number. Benefits are based on household size/income ratio. If you do not have access to a computer, contact Jan Jager or pick up a paper application from any of our school buildings. IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED A NOTICE OF DIRECT CERTIFICATION for the current year for free meals, DO NOT complete the Application; but, do let the school know if any children in your household are not listed on the NOTICE OF DIRECT CERTIFICATION letter you received. As noted on the Application, school officials may require applicants to verify information provided on this application.

Free & Reduced Application

This site was created by and is maintained by Meal Magic Family Portal . Northview Public Schools does not endorse, insure the accuracy of, or vouch for the safety and privacy of any linked sites nor does it assume any responsibility for the content found on these sites.  Contact Jan at 361-3473 with questions.

NOTE:  When applying for a lunch account for your family please note the following:
(1) You will need your student’s Id. (2)  Requests are processed weekly so if you do not receive an email within one week of your request, check your spam folder as some email servers automatically “Spam” them.  (3) There is NO charge to set up the account and view the history and balances of your children(s) account, however, if you choose to make a payment online there is a small fee to do so. (4)  Add children to any current account by giving Jan the new names.

For Those Choosing Not To Apply Online:

The new school year comes with changes to how students purchase or receive school meals—a change that might be confusing to families who are used to meals being available at no charge since March 2020.

To help in sharing this important information with your district’s families, SNA has created a short video—available in both English and Spanish—that lays out these changes for SY2022-23

Food Service Accounts

Monitoring Your Child’s Account

1. Family Portal gives you free access to your child’s account to view balances and charges made. Parents & guardians can be proactive and set up to receive an email alert when funds drop below a selected amount.

2. Northview will email parents & guardians daily when an account goes into the negative. Please keep your email address up-to-date in the school office and add to your contacts to assure you receive emails.

Making Payments

1. Make a payment on your Family Portal account. There is a small fee to deposit through this website. Funds will show on the account within one day.

2. Set up Northview Public Schools in your bill payment on your online banking. You can send checks on a regular basis. Please use:

Northview Food Service, 4451 Hunsberger NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525 and include your student’s account number in the memo section.

3. Send checks (made out to Northview Food Service) to school with your student. Cash is always accepted, however, cash deposits cannot be guaranteed.

Student Access To Account

All students are assigned a meal account when they enroll in Northview. This account stays the same for the duration of their school years. Students may access their account by registering for the finger scan system. The finger scan system is the easiest and most secure way for students to access their account. The system is a finger imaging program that measure unique points of each student fingerprint and transfers it to numerical number. To register students in this system, the student holds their finger on the scanner while the points are measured and transferred to a unique number. That unique number is now what identifies each student in the lunch room. Fingerprints are not being taken and fingerprints cannot be made from the unique number.

Charging Policy

Breakfast Outreach

Running late in the morning?  Kids don’t want to eat after just getting up? Kids ate breakfast but need a healthy snack for after school? Northview Food Service has you covered!

All schools offer a hot or a grab -n-go breakfast every morning. Studies show a link between nutrition and learning. A nutritious breakfast helps students be more alert so they can actively participate in class.

If you are receiving free or reduced meals join the cool kids club each morning and join us for breakfast!