NHS Counseling Mission Statement

The Northview High School Counseling Department is committed to developing literate, creative problem solvers who are respectful, productive members of society ready for continued learning through comprehensive academic, social/emotional, and post-secondary counseling in collaboration with staff, parent/guardian and the community

Director of School Counseling

Sarah Gammans

(616) 361-3434
(616) 365-6116

Requesting Transcripts

Current Students:  Request transcripts through your Naviance Student account.

Alumni: Contact Fernanda Hendee via email (

Our Staff

Sarah Gammans
Sarah Gammans Counselor

Last names Q-V.

Dion Charity
Dion Charity Counselor

Last names K-P.

Kasey Hagler
Kasey Hagler Counselor

Last names BO-G.

Michael Kapustka
Michael Kapustka Counselor

Last names

A-BL, H-J, W-Z.

& Exchange Students

Administrative Assistant

Chris Atchison


Fernanda Hendee

Counseling Services

Northview school counselors are masters level professionals who have training and support the academic, career and personal/social needs of our student population. NV counselors have graduated from accredited school counseling degree programs and are certified by the state of Michigan and follow the standards in practice of the American School Counselor Association. Counselors offer a wide range services that are organized under the following three domains:

Academic Achievement Strategies

Northview counselors assist students with academic success by assisting them in creating their individual 4-year Educational Development Plan (EDP), course selections, scheduling, credit recovery, dual enrollment, test prep information, study skills, etc.

Career/Post-Secondary Prep

The Northview Counseling Career Aware/Prepare Curriculum explores careers and job outlook projections, 2 & 4 yr college process, workforce certification & technical post-secondary planning, application process, and military information.  Our curriculum is delivered through in person/virtual large and small group meetings and deployed through the Mavin and Naviance Student platforms.

Personal/Social Wellness

Northview Counselors provide supportive services to help students develop coping strategies, peer relationships, effective social skills, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution, along with providing counseling referrals. The Northview Counseling department offers students access to the Mavin Wellness Tracker as a support system for daily mental wellness.

Confidentiality Disclosure

Northview counselors follow the ethical standards of both the American School Counseling Association and American Counseling Association, which includes confidentiality of the counselor/counselee relationship. The school counselors respect the rights and responsibilities of parents for their children and try to establish a cooperative relationship with parents in the best interest of their children. Michigan law requires counselors to report to the appropriate parties (1) suspicion of child abuse or neglect and (2) indications that the student may be a danger to himself or others.

When working with students, counselors use the “What’s said in the room stays in the room unless…” model.

1. You tell me to tell someone.
2. I believe you might be a danger to yourself or others. (Example: Suicide ideation, safety concerns, etc.)
3. I become aware of or suspect child abuse or neglect.
4. I am ordered by the court to disclose information.

How To Communicate With Your Counselor

– Email your counselor to ask a question.

– Use your counselor’s Appointment Link to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment

Best times for appointments are before/after school or during an elective class

Latest Counseling News

Dual Enrollment Information for 2021-22

Work Based Learning(WBL) Highlights and Interest Form

WBL provides students with the ability to be released from 1 or 2 hours on their school schedule if they are employed by an approved employer and the employment is closely tied to the students career pathway. If a student works between 5 – 9 hours a week, we schedule one hour of WBL. If the student works ten or more hours, the student can schedule for two hours of WBL.

Counselors will review transcript and EDP prior to approval of adding WBL to student schedules.

Students do not need to work during the school hours that WBL appears on their schedule, however students are released from school at that time and do not have to attend during those hours.The experience is graded by our Work-Based Learning Supervisor.

Here are a few key things to know now about WBL. For those interested, more details will be shared once the WBL Interest Form (linked below) is completed:

  • Students must have a job secured and in place with an accurately and legibly completed WBL contract completed and turned into WBL Supervisor by Monday, August 31st for 1st & 2 quarter placement.
  • Students must successfully complete the Work-Based Learning Student/Parent Contract prior to being placed in the experience.
  • The students’ regularly scheduled Northview course will remain on the schedule, with the expectation that the students’ attend the classes, until the contract has been approved by WBL Supervisor.
  • Students must complete timesheets, due every 2 weeks, to record work attendance.
  • Students are expected to complete all timesheets for the entire semester in order to receive a grade or continue with WBL. More details will be shared with the WBL contract.
  • Students are expected to work the full 18 weeks of each semester enrolled in WBL.

If you are interested AND you currently have a job, please fill out the Work-Based Learning Google Form. You will then be connected with our WBL Coordinator. Ms. Angela Lewis, and receive the WBL contract and further details on next steps.


Scholarship Scams – Warning Signs

Watch out for the following claims companies will make in an effort to misinform you:

“For a fee, we provide a comprehensive list of scholarships.” Don’t spend money on a fee-based matching service. The biggest and best scholarship databases are available for free on the Web.

“Billions of dollars of award monies going unclaimed.” Statements about funds going unclaimed are simply untrue. If funds are available, students will compete for them.

“We have a money back guarantee.” Legitimate scholarships are always competitive. No one can guarantee that you will win a scholarship.

“We need your credit card or bank account number.” No legitimate scholarship should require your credit card number or bank account numbers.

“We will do all the work.” To receive a scholarship, students must complete the applications and essays themselves. No one else can do the work for them.


*Note to families filing the FREE Federal Financial Aide Form (FAFSA):

The official website is Please use the “.gov” website (it is linked in Naviance/Family Connection account). Other websites are for profit and charge a fee.