NHS Guidance Department Services

NHS Guidance Department Mission Statement

The Northview High School Guidance Department is committed to preparing all students for life’s next step through comprehensive academic, personal, and post-secondary guidance in collaboration with staff, parents, and community.

Guidance Services

Academics – Academic 4 year plan and class selection, scheduling, credit recovery,
dual enrollment, test prep information, study skills, etc

Post-Secondary Preparation – College & vocational planning and application process, military information, career exploration, Junior Interviews, etc.

Personal/Social Issues – Coping strategies, peer relationships, effective social skills, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, conflict resolution, counseling referrals, etc.

Confidentiality Disclosure

Whats said in the room stays in the room unless…

You tell me to tell someone.

I believe you might be a danger to yourself or others. (Example: Suicide ideation, drug and/or alcohol abuse)

I become aware of or suspect child abuse or neglect.

I am ordered by the court to disclose information.

In cases where I must break confidentiality, I will try my best to speak with you first.

How To See Your Counselor

Stop by the guidance office and make an appointment with Mrs. Atchison to see your counselor

Email your counselor to request an appointment or ask a question.

Best times for appointments are during your seminar, before/after school, or during an elective class.