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Welcome to Northview High School

Dear Students, Parents, Guardians and Friends,A picture of Mark Thomas, the Principal.


On behalf of our staff and school district please let me welcome you to Northview High School (grades 9 – 12). At NHS we place great importance on the value of human relationships and respectful interactions with others. We understand that how people feel often can greatly impact things like words, actions, effort, and attitude. As a professional/support staff numbering over 100 members we strive to be emotionally mindful of our nearly 1200 students, our parents/guardians, as well as ourselves in an effort to lay the best possible foundation for a positive learning and caring environment to take place on a daily basis. Northview High School has received significant positive recognition, awards, and attention for its successful culture and relationship model. We believe that if we can capture a person’s heart… the mind will more easily and willingly follow!



NHS prides itself on being a highly-regarded, comprehensive high school which affords a wealth of academic and co-curricular opportunities for our students.  In October 2014, US News and World Report recognized Northview High School for academic excellence. They identified the school as being in the top 8% of high schools in Michigan and the top 10% of high schools nationally. We offer a wide array of Advance Placement, dual enrollment and online course offerings. Our graduation percentage is annually at 98-100% with roughly 80 to 85% of students pursuing post-secondary education of some kind. We value the arts and offer outstanding vocal, instrumental, and visual arts opportunities. There are nearly 100 teams and co-curricular clubs/activities for students to choose from as well. On average, nearly 70% of our student body members are involved in a club or activity of some kind. We believe that students who engage and involve themselves in clubs and activities seem to enjoy their experience more and also tend to do better academically.


Aerial photo of the High School.Lastly, we wish to thank the voters of our community for supporting a 35 million dollar addition/renovation of Northview High School which was completed in November of 2014. The entire project took three and a half years and provided our students, staff, and community with state-of-the-art academic and athletic facilities. The bond proposals allowed the district to significantly upgrade technology as well. Our community places a high value on public education. Our school district has long shared a powerful bond and partnership with our community and its members. As a high school, we clearly understand our mission is to serve our students, families and community stakeholders in any way we can.


Whether you are new to our district, a longtime member, or somewhere in between, please know that we are truly excited to welcome your child and family to Northview High School. We have a staff of dedicated and committed professionals who will work diligently to know your children and meet their needs. We also readily acknowledge the vital role that parents/guardians play in the educational process. We look forward to joining with you to form a successful partnership focused on your child and encourage communication and feedback. We offer both students and parents/guardians easy and effective online tools to monitor progress and communicate with staff members.


If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at mthomas@nvps.net or call the school at 616-363-4857 to speak with a staff member. Northview High School is a special place in a compassionate community. We feel fortunate as educational professionals to work in an outstanding district. We feel even more fortunate that your family has selected Northview Public Schools to educate your child. We take that responsibility very seriously and truly appreciate your trust.




Mark Thomas, Principal
Northview High School
mthomas@nvps.net or (616) 361-4857

Northview Public Schools


Inspiring all students to achieve their individual best


Northview Public Schools and its community develop literate, creative problem solvers who are respectful, productive members of society ready for continued learning.


1. Every student can learn – just in different ways and at different rates.
2. Every person is a valued member of the Northview school community.
3. We are all responsible for student success and learning.
4. Integrity, honesty and ethical behavior guide the treatment of students and adults in Northview.
5. People working together toward common goals can accomplish anything.
6. Embrace change and continuous improvement.
7. Focus on performance and results.
8. Our words and behaviors accelerate student academic performance and nurture their social development.