Principal’s Message

Northview Highlands Middle School. Our best. Your best.

Welcome to Highlands 5/6, a middle school in Northview Public Schools.  The Highlands learning community is a place where Students Flourish Academically, Emotionally and Socially.  We recognize that during the middle years of school, students have unique developmental needs for independence, mastery, and belonging.  Highlands offers an abundance of educational opportunities for students in 5th and 6th grades.


In order to fulfill our vision of helping students flourish, Highlands utilizes a unique interdisciplinary team model along with programs and activities that encourage students to discover their full potential.  An academic day involves a busy schedule that challenges students in the four core areas of reading, math, science, and social studies.  Students participate in encore and music classes that enhance their schedule and provide a comprehensive whole child centered education.


Along with the academics, students are offered the middle school philosophy of independence and belonging.  Throughout their school day, students learn important life skills of cooperation, problem-solving, grit, and generosity.  The Highlands staff is committed to educating the students in a professional, caring, and fun-loving manner while using parents/guardians as partners.  It is our goal to guide the students in their transition from elementary to secondary by challenging, inspiring, and engaging them in the school experience.


If you are interested in more information about our school or have questions, please feel free to visit our school or contact us by email or phone.



Mr. Jamey Vermaat, Principal

Highlands Middle School


Highlands Middle School

Vision Statement

Highlands is a place where students flourish academically, emotionally, and socially.

Mission Statement

Preparing students for life’s next step.

Highlands Motto

If there is a problem, we look for a solution.

If there is a better way,we  find it.

If a teammate needs help, we give it.

If we need help, we ask.

Northview Public Schools

Vision Statement

Inspiring all students to achieve their individual best.

Mission Statement

Northview Public Schools and its community develop literate, creative problem solvers who are respectful, productive members of society ready for continued learning.


1. Every student can learn – just in different ways and at different rates.
2. Every person is a valued member of the Northview school community.
3. We are all responsible for student success and learning.
4. Integrity, honesty and ethical behavior guide the treatment of students and adults in Northview.
5. People working together toward common goals can accomplish anything.
6. Embrace change and continuous improvement.
7. Focus on performance and results.
8. Our words and behaviors accelerate student academic performance and nurture their social development.