Northview District Newsletter

Find out about the exciting events happening in Northview and look ahead to upcoming attractions. You’ll discover that the Northview News appears here on our website approximately one week before you find it in your mailbox!  All digital issues are in PDF format.

If you have questions or submissions please contact (616) 363-6861 or email

Material Due

Fall Issue

October 11, 2023

Winter Issue

January 10, 2024

Spring Issue

April 10, 2024

Summer Issue

July 10, 2024

Scheduled Delivery

Fall Issue

Arrives in homes around November 11.

Winter Issue

Arrives in homes around February 10.

Spring Issue

Arrives in homes around May 11.

Summer Issue

Arrives in homes around August 10.

Submission Guidelines

– All submissions are subject to editing.

– Submit items in a timely fashion. We like to publish news that is recent or upcoming. For example, Halloween submissions received in mid-December will most likely not be published. Try to capture “new” events so that articles and photos of the same event are not published year after year.

– Please do not make promises that photos/articles will appear in the Northview News without prior approval.

– It is preferred that staff members take their own photos and submit them. If you submit photos, sending them as an email attachment works best.

Photo Tip: Photos of an individual child or a few children, as opposed to a large group, display best when published. Be sure to check with your building administrative assistant to verify that the child(ren) in the picture have a photo release on file.

– Please respect due dates. Late submissions must be approved in advance of the due date.

– There are several ways you can submit an article:

(1) Preferred Method – Email the information to

(2) Drop off your article to the Administration Building

(3) Send it to the attention of the “NV Communications” at the Administration Building via interoffice mail.